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Will You Be My Boyfriend Quotes

Love is sweet nectar that touches our lives to enrich it manifold. And when you feel the whiff of love, always know you are blessed since nothing is more divine than love.

Surely you can’t let this pass by just for the want of asking! And that the proposal should come from the guy is a passé, charming, but dated. We believe in equality of genders, and that includes voicing out love.

Relationships should be based on open communications, and that should start right at the beginning with a clear cut expression of your emotions. So what are you waiting for? Just grab a catchy line or two, and add to it your own emotions to pleasantly surprise the man of your dreams.

Here are a few “Will you be my boyfriend” quotes that are best ways to ask the man you have an eye on – “Will you be mine”?

  1. "I can live in the warmest dessert or climb the toughest mountain only if you stayed by my side as my boyfriend."

  2. "Perhaps I would have asked you to be my boyfriend earlier if I was sure of not losing you as a friend at least."

  3. "I treasure our friendship. I wonder how much more special it could get if we took it one step up."

  4. "I would love to be in your arms to be protected and in your heart to be loved forever."

  5. "If you even have the tiniest soft spot for me the greatest gift you could give me is your presence in my life forever after."

  6. "Would you like to experience falling in love as my boyfriend?"

  7. "How would you like to look at me with a shade of love in your eyes?"

  8. "It seems simply impossible to live a single day without you any longer – so will you be mine?"

  9. "Shall we let our bud of love blossom fully by nurturing it in unison?"

  10. "If you love me too please say so. If not I’d learn how to gently let go."

  11. "I can change everything to have you as the love of my life, except for my love for you."

  12. "Your love is the cause of all the happiness that has filled up my life – please stay to keep the flow unhindered forever."

  13. "Will you light up my life with the flame of your love?"

  14. "I closed my eyes to think of the man I’d want to be my boyfriend, and the only face that flashed in my mind’s eye was yours."

  15. "Meeting of our two personalities is a mystical chemistry that I would like to preserve in my laboratory called life forever."

  16. "Every coin should have two sides. I love you – will you love me too?"

  17. "It is scary when you give more importance to someone other than your own self. But I know I am safe since that other person I give utmost importance to is you."

  18. "I am not perfect. Not even you. I am willing to live with yours if you promise to belittle mine."