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Why I Love My Boyfriend Quotes

Heart has its own thousand reasons - simple things in life that appeal to your innermost core. Or it may have none – it is just that the mystery of chemistry cast a spell on you.

But even that is a great reason to love your man. Whatever your reason may be for loving you boyfriend, it is always great to be vocal and expressive about it.

Understanding silence and all is idealistic and fantastic. But to touch his heart and show your appreciation it is always best to pepper in his way compliments and sweet nothings that would convey why you love your boyfriend. It will make him feel cherished, treasured and wanted.

Here are some romantic ‘Why I love my boyfriend’ quotes that will help you to pour your heart out with words oozing with romance and make your boyfriend go head over heels in love with you all over again –

  1. "I love you for your ability to see my imperfections with great accuracy and yet make me feel perfect."

  2. "When I first saw you, your dazzling smile mesmerized me. Even today it is the main reason that makes me fall in love with you every time I set my eyes on you."

  3. "I love you dear man for being the perfect blend of a gentle heart and a determination of steel."

  4. "I love you for helping me to understand who I am to boost my confidence to carve my own niche in this world."

  5. "Sometimes I wonder why I love you. Then I realize that it has become part of my life – just like the breaths I take."

  6. "I love you for telling me that it is still possible to have dreams of traversing the journey of life boarding a rainbow."

  7. "I love you for making by life go in hop and skip."

  8. "I love to look up to you in good times and bad."

  9. "It never occurred to me to think why I love you – it simply came naturally to me."

  10. "Loving you is what that gives me the patience to endure all the complexities of life."

  11. "I love you since time stands still when I am with you."

  12. "Your presence in my life has a huge impact. It makes me look at life from a whole new perspective. Perhaps that is why I love you more and more with each passing day."

  13. "I have never seen an angel. But when I see you sleeping it seems I have my guardian angel by my side. That is the best reason I can think of loving you more than my life."

  14. "You are the very hope and reason I look forward to living each and every day with gusto. This is why I love you with all my might."

  15. "I love you because you are the only person to whom I feel like keep running back to each and every moment."

  16. "I love you because you gave a simple kiss a brand new meaning – now I know why they seal love with a kiss."