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Wanting a Boyfriend Quotes

Wanting a boyfriend quotes: Every girl has a sweet romantic notion about the guy she wants to be. What is yours? Whether you are in love, you have been in love, or you are looking forward to fall in love, you will agree nothing is more romantic than envisioning your man in your mind's eye.

Wanting the man of your dreams to be your boyfriend is just natural – well all want our love stories to be fairy tale like.

But for reality's sake let us also keep in mind that no human being is perfect – if you truly love someone you shall want to embrace his positives and belittle the other side of the coin – learning to live with the love of your life is the grandest experience of a lifetime.

Here are some unique 'Wanting a boyfriend' quotes that are perhaps reflections of all the beautiful thoughts and emotions that are swarming in your mind –

  1. "I want a boyfriend my family would love to flaunt and be proud to see me in his arms."

  2. "Feeling lonely is not the right motivation for wanting a boyfriend – that would be infatuation, something far away from true love."

  3. "The best boyfriend would be the kind that would be other girls' envy and my pride."

  4. "I want a boyfriend who can say sorry just to bring back smile on my lips."

  5. "I want a boyfriend who will not feel shy to seal our love with a kiss even when in company."

  6. "My dream is to have a boyfriend who will never make me jealous of anyone else, but always make others jealous of me."

  7. "I have always fantasized about having a boyfriend who once takes my hand will never let it go."

  8. "It's a dream to have a boyfriend who has a killer smile – the kind that makes the world stop when it flashes."

  9. "Wanting a boyfriend who is perfect is Utopian. But having a boyfriend who sincerely cares is a dream come true."

  10. "Is it too much to be wanting a boyfriend who is least judgmental and always loving?"

  11. "I want a boyfriend who would stick by me long after all others have left my side."

  12. "Wanting a boyfriend to cheer you up after a breakup is like covering your lips with a lipstick because it is chapped – just a veneer, nothing permanent."

  13. "My dream man would be someone who says – beauty attracts me, but it is the persona that makes me fall in love."

  14. "Wanting a boyfriend who would stick by when life throws lemons is a dream for most mature women. Young love sees the package. Mature love explores the content."

  15. "I want a boyfriend who would bring me flowers every morning to say "I love you" and never go tired of this ritual."

  16. "I want a boyfriend who will never hesitate to share the truth with me, no matter how stark, harsh or bizarre!"

  17. "I have always fascinated about a boyfriend who would conquer me with old world charm of gracious humbleness."