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Unfaithful Boyfriends Quotes

The last few days, you have been noticing that your boyfriend has been acting weird. He is being restless and unmindful. Perhaps you feel the tension that is creeping in your relationship.

Or is it that he has verbally expressed that he has lost his heart to someone else? Or perhaps immediately after you two broke off, you realized that it wasn’t that anything had soured your relationship – it was just that there was another person in his life already.

Whatever your situation may be, it is no use denying the fact that you feel hurt, to say the least. But we all know life is about moving on without crying too long over spilt milk. Yes, you will need time. But eventually you have to live your life out.

Here are a few Unfaithful Boyfriends quotes to not only share your pain but also show you a light of hope in times of sorrow –

  1. "It is useless to cry over someone who is mindless about your feelings."

  2. "If a man really ever loved you, he will never ever cause you tears."

  3. "Remember, in love, taking the short cut is easy. Going away is easy. It is all mediocrity. Sticking together is sublime. And someone who did not care to make this effort is not worth to be present in your life."

  4. "Moving on in life is easy when you convince yourself that the baggage you are leaving behind is an unnecessary extra."

  5. "It is no good holding on to love when trust is betrayed since faith and sincerity make the foundation of love."

  6. "In a relationship, it is always best to know when to let go since a relationship is like a cracked mirror that further breaks into pieces if you tighten your grip."

  7. "Remember it is no use being sad over something that is no longer yours. Instead rejoice that you had once experienced it."

  8. "Sometimes we realize the depth of our love after it leaves us."

  9. "The most passionate love sometimes ends in the bitterest of tears."

  10. "Sometimes weeping your heart out helps you to see things from a fresh perspective as the tears wipe out the dust that clouded your thinking."

  11. "The pain you feel about losing your love will only decrease when you lower your guards to accept the reality as is."

  12. "When you miss the person who betrayed you, remember you are missing the image of the person you had in your mind and not who the person he really is."

  13. "By holding on to someone who has bitterly left your side you are closing doors to tender hands of love that have been trying to reach you."

  14. "For a change listen to your mind and not your heart and you shall surely realize what happened was for your long-term benefit."

  15. "Sometimes we are too short sighted to look beyond our immediate pains."

  16. "You may find it hard to believe now, but heart heals, with time, at its own pace, but heals nonetheless as a loving touch makes you forget all the tears like magic."