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Uncaring Boyfriend Quotes

With love comes care, if you truly love an individual, you can’t stop caring about the person. However some people do not think alike. Especially seen in men, once they find that the girl is his only, some of them start taking her for granted.

This not only hurts the emotions of the girl in question but also makes her feel humiliated and disrespected. This never happens otherwise, women always respect the man in her life if she loves him madly.

Unfortunate but true, men always do not think in that way. When you boyfriend is uncaring, and doesn’t take care of your emotions at all, you tend to lose faith in the entire concept of love. Constant ignorance may lead to end of relationship as well, in most of the cases. Here are few quotes for you in case you are having someone in your life so uncaring. Read on to know more:

  1. "If you do not care of your precious possessions, you will surely lose it. It applies to a girl as well."

  2. "When you say you love me, you should care for me as well. If you can’t care, you can’t love me at all."

  3. "Uncaring attitude is disgusting in any relationship, in love it is a crime. Never commit it. If you love her, care for her as well."

  4. "A real boyfriend will always care for his girl as caring is a simple manifestation of the strongest emotion called love."

  5. "A true lover doesn’t need any reason to call you, he needs no reason to laugh with you or cry, and doesn’t need to give you precious jewels, and a simple gesture of care is enough."

  6. "Don’t try to control the lady you love, love her for no reason, and never show an uncaring attitude-it might ruin your love life."

  7. "It becomes so easy for a girl to remain with the guy who cares for you a lot! Uncaring boyfriend can only be a companion, not a lover!"

  8. "Your love can be measured by the amount of care you take of your girl. The uncaring attitude kills the emotions."

  9. "Actions speak more than words-caring shows more love than an “I love you”."

  10. "It takes no dollars to show you love, it takes no diamonds to say you are beautiful, it takes only one action to show that you die for her-the care and concerns you manifest to your lady love."

  11. "Never show an uncaring attitude to the one who loves you, never turn your back towards her for long, for when you turn back, she might not exist in your life anymore!"

  12. "Where is the time to hate, when there is so little time to love, where is the time to show you don’t care, when there is so little time to say I care!"

  13. "You don’t need to call her every day, you don’t need to give her precious gifts, all you need to say is “I care” and prove it through actions!"