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Trusting Your Boyfriend Quotes

Trust is the word that forms the basis of every relationship on earth. Especially if those relationships are related to heart and emotions, like love or friendship, then you must be trustworthy and expect the same from your boyfriend.

Most us forget that every relationship must go through rough phases in order to test the tenacity of the same. It is at this point trust and faith on each other pays a lot and helps each other to come out of the odds. Trusting your boyfriend is must as this will also test his true love towards you.

If you trust him and he knows that, then he will do everything to keep your faith on him if he really cares for you. Here we have a great collection of quotes on the topic which gives you some idea. Read on to know more, and find some relevance with the current state of your relationship:

  1. "Trusting your boyfriend is an important factor in the relationship. It helps it to stay alive and blossom in future."

  2. "Trusting your boyfriend shows how much you love him, how much faith you have on him, or how long you can continue with him."

  3. "Trust is the crux of any relationship-in love it touches all the layers from bottom to the top."

  4. "I can’t control anyone, but I can have faith on my love, that he is trustworthy and will never break my trust."

  5. "Trusting your boyfriend gives you an opportunity to test him, let him stay with your other female friends and see how he still comes out clean, if he really loves you."

  6. "Trust yourself, trust your destiny, trust your God, trust you soul mate, as he is nothing less if you love him deeply."

  7. "Love is all about feelings, and trust is the connection that binds this feeling from one heart to the other. Trusting your boyfriend only makes this connection stronger and better."

  8. "You may get hurt trusting your boyfriend as he might break it. But one thing is for sure, you will feel good that you followed the rules."

  9. "Trusting your boyfriend is the ultimate things you can do to see whether he trusts you or not."

  10. "If you love someone, trust him and let him go. If he comes back again to you, he was always yours’.  If he does not, then why to worry and cry? He was never worthy of your trust and love!"

  11. "Trusting your boyfriend may seem to be foolish for some girls, but remember, faith only can keep the relation alive."

  12. "Keep faith in God, keep faith in love, keep faith in your “boyfriend”-if he passes, update him to your “husband”."

  13. "Life is uncertain, so are relations, it is the faith and trust that keeps things going, trust your love, trust your soul mate and if he doesn’t live up to it, trust this-someone better is waiting for you! Trust him, he will do the same."