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That's My Boyfriend Quotes

Every girl wishes to have a boyfriend after a certain age and that is pretty normal. You also must be longing for a guy who would be close to the man often coming in your dreams.

He would be the perfect man whom you would take among your friends and say with pride “That's my boyfriend”. He would not only be good looking according to you, but also be a gentleman in every true sense of the word. Your female friends will like him and your male friends would appreciate him as well.

His chivalry would impress everyone including your elder ones so that you can pat your back regarding the choice made. Not every girl is so lucky to have a man in her life who can eventually become a responsible husband from a caring boyfriend. If you are among them, here are few quotes to make you feel alike:

  1. "A good boyfriend should be a true lover who will love his girl from the core of his heart. So much so, that she would feel proud to say every time “that’s my boyfriend”."

  2. "Your chivalry and benevolence of being a man lies in the fact of how you treat women, especially the girl in your life. She must be able to point to you in front of her male friends and say “that’s my boyfriend”."

  3. "I don’t need a candlelit dinner to feel romantic. I can feel so when I wake up in the morning and look at my boyfriend."

  4. "At times, you may be upset with me, sometimes I might make you go mad, at times my words might hurt you, but I have always found you beside me whenever I needed- that’s my boyfriend."

  5. "No girl loves you more than me because I have put my heart and soul in your love."

  6. "I can spend my 24 hours, 365 days, 12 months of all my life with you, being in your arms gives my heart the warmth it needs."

  7. "I want a person in life whom I can take to my parents and say “that’s my boyfriend”, accept him or leave me"

  8. "Yeah, that’s my boyfriend. Don’t you dare to see, call, befriend, or touch him? Beware!"

  9. "He loves me, he cares for me, he understands me, he pampers me, he caresses me, and he gets me going-that’s my boyfriend."

  10. "Who else would show me the right path to choose from, who else would tell me what do or what not to, who else will guide me to what to tell and what not to- that’s my boyfriend."

  11. "I am still waiting for the perfect guy in my life. He should be someone, by looking at whom; words come out from my heart-that’s my boyfriend!"

  12. "They say to find the right woman in life, one has to be a right man first-I might not be perfect woman but the man I have got is perfect for me-that’s my boyfriend."