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Sweet Boyfriend Quotes

Love is sweet when at teens, and the taste changes as you grow old-that’s what experienced people suggest. Life takes a 180 degree turn when you fall in love with someone.

You start seeing yourself through his eyes. He makes you realize that you are beautiful; he makes you laugh and brings happiness in your life. The whole world seems to be a bed of roses when with you are with him. He treats you like a princess and lets you rule his world forever. The sweetness may be expressed through chocolates but can be understood with gestures.

A flower might charge him few dollars but the price of the emotion loaded in them, is countless. If you are recently smitten by a boy known to you and fortunately if he has also showed interests, you bet your luck! Here are few quotes for such a sweet scenario you are currently going through! Also refer: Cute Boyfriend Quotes

  1. "Ever since I have seen you, my heart is bowled over by you persona and my mind is engulfed with your thoughts."

  2. "Life is like a flower and you are the petals of my life."

  3. "Before I met you, I never what it feels to be in love, thanks for coming into my life and showing how beautiful it is to love and be loved."

  4. "Romance adds much glamour to your life. It has the power to turn the dust of life into a golden glitter."

  5. "You are everything that I have yearned for and you have made all my dreams come true in life."

  6. "There is no greater gift for me in life than to have you as my boyfriend and nothing makes me feel better than being loved by you."

  7. "I asked for a flower, God gave me a bouquet, I asked for a minute, God gave me a day, I asked for true love, God gave me a heart, and when I asked for an angel, God gave me you."

  8. "When I say I love you, I don’t want you to love me in return. I am going to give you my heart any way!"

  9. "I wish I could collect all the stars in the sky to give you a handful of glitters, I wish I could collect all the water in the ocean to give you a handful of moisture; I wish I could collect all the love in the world, to give you a handful of warmth."

  10. "Love is all about feelings and my heart feels a lot for you, is it the same on that end also?"

  11. "You are my ocean of love, the sky of romance and love of my life. I love you."

  12. "Life never seemed to be so good before you came to me as my boyfriend. Now I understand why people fall in love."

  13. "I love you because you are cute, I love you because you are sweet, I love you because you love me and I love you because you are mine only."