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Stay Away From My Boyfriend Quotes

Stay away from my boyfriend quotes illustrates those kinds of situation when the partner is asking to stay others from the boyfriend. A romantic relationship should be a form of friendship, love and respect. In such relationship both the couples need to adjust and also compromise in order to maintain the relationship.

Many a times, it happens that the partner wants to keep the boyfriend away from all different people or many situations. Possessiveness is one of the most instant feelings which come without human intervention along with love affairs, and it is not very unusual. There are also many incidents which we come across where the boyfriend is getting attracted towards any girl, which is becoming a threat to your own relationship. In such cases instead of saying anything of your own, it is much better to use quotes.

Stay away from my boyfriend quotes tactically expresses your message which you want to convey to those people whom you think is responsible. In frequent times, in order to avoid any argument, you may not want to threaten the person, but through Stay away from my boyfriend quotes you can warn the person to stay away. Also in the initial times, you can avoid arguing to the person by sending quotes.

The best relationship can only be comprised of two persons; there is no place for the third triangle. Through all these quotes you can make the people understand and warn them. For instance, may be your boyfriend’s boss is having an affair with him. You cannot threaten her, but may be you can warn her using some of the Stay away from my boyfriend quotes. Here is some of the Stay away from my boyfriend quotes which will help you in the long run.

  1. "A relationship is only comprised of only two people; there is no place for any third person."

  2. "Better you leave my boyfriend and return to your own house."

  3. "All the good things in life are very difficult. On the other hand all evil things are very easy to perform. Losing, cheating, dying and mediocrity are very easy jobs. So it is better for you to stay away from those easy things."

  4. "It is better to stay away from my boyfriend and performing all kinds of evil things."

  5. "Do not smile at me or do not ever pretend that you like me, when you are having an affair with my boyfriend."

  6. "I lost the attention of my boyfriend from the day you entered his life. Before imposing more evil doings on him, it is better for you to move away."

  7. "It is for your affair with my boyfriend that I am facing such loose comments from everybody."

  8. "You are the first one, who had trapped my boyfriend and took him away from me. It is better you stay away from him now on."

  9. "Instead of making me more insecure in my relationship, you better move out from my boyfriend’s life."