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Sad Boyfriend Quotes

If emotion and pure passion are the integral parts of love and passion, sadness and nostalgia are the other side of the coin. The mood of loneliness, isolation, and loss of pain are the part of human nature and associated feelings of love.

When you are away from your boyfriend or have a little fight with him, sad boyfriend quotes can help you in expressing the right condition of your mind. These quotes are not about dejection or refusal but these quotes tell us the sad part of human nature and topsy-turvy part of human passion and love for the man we love.

These quotes often tell us about personal joy and sorrow in such a philosophical way that appeals our mind as universal truths appeal to our sensitive soul. If you are in sad mood now and managing our emotion with a bit don flow, these sad boy friend quotes can help you to speak your mind in a better way.

  1. "I always initiate myself at your arms, in my reality s well as in dreams, but today I feel blank as you are nowhere with me at my side. I miss you poorly."

  2. "I have elapsed how to enjoy smile, I have elapsed to talk sweetly, and I have elapsed to live life at its fullest ever since you have deserted. Please come back. I still love you and I do miss you a lot."

  3. "Since the day you have gone, I have set up my ways blind; my world reached to its edge with me stationed alone at one remote corner. I always do miss you. Please come back to me soon."

  4. "I do miss you all 60 minutes of an hour, all 24- hour in a day, all 12-month of a year. I miss you all moments I respire on earth."

  5. "I hide my tears when I remember you, but I can't conceal the pain that is concealed in my heart meant for you, although I don't explain others that I do miss you that much, my heart recognizes the truth and bleeds when alone. I do love you and will love you always."

  6. "The more I am remembering you, the more I do miss you since the more I recall about you; I can't bear the fact that you are no more with me on earth."

  7. "Missing you is not exactly that pricks me, remembering the fact I had loved you religiously once, makes me feel depressed!"

  8. "I offered you smile, you returned back tears; I offered you joy, you gave me back grief, I presented you my heart, you gave it back smashed and perished."

  9. "if pure love is there, tears cannot be far-off apart!"

  10. "I know it's worthless to shack tears for man who never loves you anymore, but it is the helplessness of my love that makes me cry on and on."

  11. "It is hard to say an adieu to somebody you loved so much, but it is well again to move ahead than staying with the one who hardly love any emotion and passion left for you."