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Romantic Boyfriend Quotes

Romantic Boyfriend Quotes are passionate love quotes meant for your boyfriend who reciprocates your love and affection in all possible conditions. These romantic quotes are sweet quotes of pure love and emotions which makes one happy in their life and helps in thinking positive about a relationship.

These romantic quotes can be used in all occasions, around the year, whenever you will feel that you need to say your boyfriend, “I love you“in an articulate way. These love quotes can be used for short message, you can email them whenever you feel, you can print them on a piece of paper and keep them in handy in a place where your boyfriend can get them at once and can feel the warmth of your relationship.

You may keep these quotes placed in his hand-luggage especially when he is on the move and away from you by geographical distance. Romantic Boyfriend Quotes will never let your boy friend go away from you and it will help you to discover your lovely relationship from different aspects.

  1. "Today I found myself smiling at me without any reason; I explored later that I was remembering you only."

  2. "I have been surprised that men can sacrifice their lives for love - I had shuddered always at it. But now I feel no more shuddered. I could sacrifice my love or you as I can die for you to be happy and safe…that’s the way I can keep my love for alive."

  3. "Meeting you was my destiny, becoming your friend was my bent of will, but I help became helpless when I felt my love for you that ultimately became my ultimate fate."

  4. "My boyfriend is so manly that his voice makes me quiver within and his smile is an enticement for my mind's eye to go wild."

  5. "If I could, I would have written our name in the stars, so that every person knows that I love you more than myself."

  6. "It is raining outside; look out the pane and try to count the rain drops that are falling from the sky! I am missing you like these drops are falling on ground."

  7. "In you, I have already lost myself. If I be without you, I uncover myself hopelessly wanting to get lost again."

  8. "Love is a guarantee, love is a memento, once it is given it’s never forgotten, it’s the best reward of heaven; my boyfriend loves me so much that he has made my life heavenly."

  9. "It seem to me that I have loved you in countless forms, countless times, life after life, in age after age forever……still my desire for love to you will remain on forever…."

  10. "When a real man is in a relationship, he never makes his girl jealous of others, what my boyfriend does is he makes others jealous of me."

  11. "Romance has added much glamour to my life. It has the rule to twist the sand of life into a golden shine, and my man has the Midas touch in my life which has turned everything into magic gold."