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Over Controlling Boyfriend Quotes

Over Controlling Boyfriend Quotes which describes how dominating a boyfriend is or how the situation is in a relationship.  There are several quotes which generally describes our own expressions. Over Controlling Boyfriend quotes clearly indicates how difficult it is to stay and live with such a dominating partner.

Sometimes weird things happen. At times, it can also happen that for you’re dominating and over possessive boyfriend, you may have to leave social, emotional and physical entity. A relationship between couples should be a form of friendship, one of the best bond companionship. In order to express your feelings of anger and disgust towards your loved one, some time you may send some quotes which can make him understand that how much troubled you are because of his awkward behavior.

These quotes can be used in times when your boyfriend is over controlling your freedom or feelings and you cannot say anything directly. In a relationship, you and your boyfriend both should compromise, adjust and sacrifice, but remember that should not become only one way. In a relationship, both the person has the right to express his or her opinion. A relationship should be gentle and there should be a two way communication.

You should express your opinion but as well as you should not follow your boyfriends command blindly. If you think that he is saying something wrong, then ask him for correction. Over controlling Boyfriend Quotes are usually short and precise, explaining your feelings correctly. There are different signs of over controlling nature of your boyfriend. Do remember those signs so that you can get a grip the situation from beforehand.

In the very beginning you may witness that your boyfriend is not letting you say anything while there is a discussion going on between you two. But gradually, you will see the change. Later on you will realize that he will direct you about what to do and what not to do. The most important sign is that he will do everything by himself without involving you in anything.

  1. "You want me to leave my home task, so that I can carry on with your home work. And at the end of the day, you were in university for higher studies; I still stuck in high school."

  2. "I am your girlfriend, not your puppy. You are my boyfriend and not my owner. So please do not behave in such manner."

  3. "I am not a fan of controlling boyfriend like you. It is better for you to check yourself."

  4. "Love me and I will love you. Do not try to control me, and I will start hating you. None of we are the master of the opposite."

  5. "It is high time for you to stop controlling my every step; you should remember I am your partner and not a puppet."

  6. "At present I understand that I am not living a life of my own, but yours. You are keeping an eye and controlling my every step. But from now onwards I am going to take the decisions of my own life."