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My Best Friend Is My Boyfriend Quotes

Friendship is perhaps the best feeling God has blessed human beings with and love is the greatest emotion that resides in human heart. There is a fine line between friendship and love and some people cross the line in between.

It is at this time your best friend might slowly take place of your boyfriend and instead of “liking” him so far, you start “loving” him.

Since he was a friend, he should be aware of your emotions and in most case love life feels like a bed of roses. However, on the flip side, you lose your best friend because he will now be called your lover. Read on for more:

  1. "I never thought I shall be falling in love with the person whom I considered to be my best friend! Perhaps that is why they call love is blind."

  2. "A best friend is someone whom you can call at any point of time, cry and laugh and share your deepest emotions. A lover is someone with whom you have a special relationship beyond friendship. How interesting it will be when the two relations are found in one person!"

  3. "He was my best friend in my life, and now since I have fallen in love with him, he has now become my life."

  4. "I love to fall in love with my best friend because he is the one who knows me the best and can make my life a heaven on earth."

  5. "I wish he will be a great lover as he was a great friend, the best of the lot!"

  6. "Ever since I have fallen in love with my best friend, my world has become centered into him, because I am able to get the openness of a friend and the warmth of a lover in the same person."

  7. "When I met you for the first time, I liked your nature. I befriended you for that. Ever since I have made you a friend I liked your way to handle my emotions. Ever since you have become my best friend, I now feel I have started falling in love with you and want to spend the entire life within your arms."

  8. "Falling in love with my best friend is the best decision I have taken. He still make s me feel that he is a friend more than a lover and hence I feel protected and secured under him."

  9. "I know I shall be the happiest if I fall in love with you because you are my best friend and will be the best lover on earth, since no one knows me better than you."

  10. "He is my best friend, but recently I feel he is taking more space in my life than just a friend. Am I in love?"

  11. "I fight with him, I cry with him, I laugh with him, I am talking about my best friend-aren’t these the same you can do with your boyfriend."