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Jealous Boyfriends Quotes

Just like love, is a supreme feeling between two hearts, jealousy in a lover is also a strong emotion existing. Often people become a bit possessive in love and tend to be jealous when their sweethearts talk to others or spend time with others.

Some people find it irritating while some consider this to be a unique sign of love. Especially with men, this emotion seems to be more prominent about their women and these jealous boyfriends are not always liked or appreciated by their counterparts. They find it difficult to digest that the girl they love is happy being with someone else.

Even the girl with such a man in her life cannot remain happy as every time she will remain under pressure of not talking to anyone else, otherwise he might react in an unpleasant manner. If you are among those, here are few quotes that might find relevance to your situation:

  1. "Jealousy is the poorest medium of showing that you love the girl, but the surest medium to lose both."

  2. "If you are jealous of your girl being happy with someone else, check twice, is she happy with you also?"

  3. "Jealous boyfriends are seldom lovers, as more than love they concentrate on the other emotion."

  4. "Not every girl likes a boyfriend who is jealous of her other friends, she might not also love you if you happen to be such an individual, she might still stick to just because she doesn’t want to hurt anyone-think-would you like to stay with someone who does it for a formality?"

  5. "Being jealous of the other male friends of your girl doesn’t pay always. It might so happen she meets them to verify she has a better man than them."

  6. "Why are you jealous of the other friends of you girl? Being her boyfriend you have already defeated them in the matter of love."

  7. "If true love exists between two hearts, there is no place for jealousy. If sheer jealousy exists between, then there can never be love anywhere."

  8. "When you love a girl, you must have full faith in her as well. If she loves you too, she will remain faithful to you as well. Where is jealousy coming in between?"

  9. "Being jealous of your girlfriend is one way of mistrusting her. Having no trust on her, is one way of disrespecting her."

  10. "True love is humble and patient, it cannot be jealous. If it is jealous, it cannot be true love."

  11. "Make your heart red with love; don’t make it green in jealousy."

  12. "Why do you get jealous when you see your ex with someone else? Didn’t you mom teach you to give your used toys to those who are less fortunate?"

  13. "When a real man is in a relationship, he doesn't make his girl jealous of others, what he does is to make others jealous of his girl."

  14. "You should never be jealous if your girl has many male friends, in spite of that she loves you only!"