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I Want A Boyfriend Quotes

All of us need a companion in life because otherwise it becomes difficult to spend all the tough and easy phases of the journey. A boyfriend is a special male friend who will be with you at every phase of good and bad and also show you the right path to choose from.

Not only that he will be fun to be with and will make you feel good when you feel gloomy. Every girl needs a boyfriend in her life and only lucky few get a perfect one. Others yearn for that perfect companion who can make your days brighter tan sunshine and nights more delightful than moonlight.

Are you in desperate need of a boyfriend to spend memorable evenings at romantic places? Or you are only in need of a companion who is different from all other male friends of yours and understands you the most. Here are few quotes:

  1. "I want a boyfriend who will remain with me at every odd of my life or at every pleasant phase."

  2. "I want a person in my life who will take me to concerts, get me an ice-cream after every dinner, buy me diamonds, get me designer wears, and above all, love me like I am the last girl on earth."

  3. "I want a boyfriend who will love me the way I am, who will love me for no reasons, who will love me for only one reason-and the reason will be love."

  4. "I want a boyfriend who will love me and show me the way to come out as a better human being."

  5. "I desperately need a boyfriend because I am tired of seeing other falling in love and spending life the way it should be."

  6. "I want to fall in love and have a decent boyfriend who will make me smile all the day and all the night."

  7. "I want a guy in my life that will understand my emotions and respect them."

  8. "I want to fall in love, I want to have a boyfriend who will show me all good things in life and make me feel how great it is to be someone’s “eye-candy”"

  9. "Life on earth seems like a heaven when you have a boyfriend who will take all your sorrows and make you feel like a princess."

  10. "I want a boyfriend who will love me a lot, take cute pictures of mine and put them on his laptop wallpaper or on the mobile screen."

  11. "I want a boyfriend who will do everything to prove what I mean to him. He will give me a feeling of heaven on earth with all his deeds and make me feel special."

  12. "I want my boyfriend to be handsome, sweet, cute, rich, friendly, jovial, caring, loving and what not. I wonder whether I shall get all these in one man or not!"

  13. "I want a boyfriend who will fight with me every time I am wrong only to show me what is right."