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I Miss My Boyfriend Quotes

When you are in love, your heart gets filled with strongest emotions for a particular person. You always wish to be with him, and when he is not with you, you miss him badly.

Your mind remains filled with his thoughts and hence it doesn’t work for other things any more. You wish he was here and you two could spend some quality time with each other, but alas! He isn’t beside you. Without him, you find that your world has stopped and nothing seems to be worth doing. You don’t wish to talk any one; you don’t like taking phone calls, not even of your friends.

You only wait for the phone to ring with his name appearing on the screen-but he doesn’t and you keep on waiting, waiting and waiting. Here are few quotes with which you can find some reference with current conditions:

  1. "Ever since you have gone, I have found my ways blocked, my world has come to an end with me standing alone at one corner. I miss you. Please come back soon."

  2. "I wish I could build a pathway to the place where you are at right now, so that I can find my way to reach to you and tell that how much I miss you and how much I still love you."

  3. "The more I am thinking about you, the more I am missing you because the more I think about you; I keep on falling in love with you over and again."

  4. "I always found myself in your arms, in my dreams and in reality, but today I feel empty as you are not here to be by my side. I miss you badly."

  5. "I miss the way you said you care for me, I miss the way you made me feel that I am beautiful, I miss the way you said you love me and I miss the way you were with me. Please come back soon as I miss the way I used to live life!"

  6. "I have forgotten how to smile, I have forgotten to talk, and I have forgotten to live life-ever since you have left. Come back and give me my everything back. I love you and I miss you a lot."

  7. "I feel your touch whenever I touch my heart, I feel your warmth whenever I caress myself, I feel you are here whenever I look at the sky, I miss you a lot – please come back."

  8. "I hide the tears when I think of you, but I cannot hide the pain that is hidden in my heart for you, though I don’t show others that I miss you so much, my heart knows the fact and cries when alone. I love you."

  9. "I miss you all 60 minutes of the hour, all 24 hours a day, all 12 months of the year. I miss you every moment I breathe."