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Happy Birthday Quotes To My Boyfriend

Happy Birthday Quotes To My Boyfriend are meant for conveying your heartfelt good wishes on the birthday of your boyfriends. In this internet age while video chat and MMS can convey your wish with instant effect, these sweet quotes will surely intensify your expression of ardent love and passion in an articulate way and will help you to strengthen your mutual chemistry better than ever before.

You can use these quotes in email, you can send them via SMS or you can print them into an e-card. These sweet words are packed with powerful emotion and sensitive love and affection for a boyfriend from his fiancé.

These quotes can be used for wishing your husband as well. A personal birthday gift, a bouquet of flowers and sweet and Happy Birthday Quotes To My Boyfriend imprinted on a car will surely bring special smile on your special person’s face and he will fall for you again for sure.

  1. "You are the special man in life so is your birthday is a special occasion for me…many many happy returns of the day."

  2. "Close your eyes and make a wish it will be granted as I have prayed last night to grant my love that entire he wishes on his birthday….Happy birthday sweetheart."

  3. "May god multiply your happiness, double your prosperity, and multiply thousand time your peace of mind as His special birthday blessing for you. Happy Birthday my sweet heart."

  4. "Sweet heart…look around....birds are chirping, sun is shining, and flowers are specially dressed today…we have all made a group to wish you a lovely birthday and a wonderful year ahead."

  5. "May God drench you with all happiness, loads of prosperity, unlimited happiness, and loads of success and only a few of agony…happy birthday sweetheart; wish you a happy, healthy, and glorious life ahead."

  6. "In world we may have to stay apart but you are my one and only soul-mate of mine, my beloved boyfriend, one thing I can promise you on your b’day night that our love will never remain detached from each other."

  7. "I am sorry I will not be physically present while you will cut you b’day cake, but I will stand aside you first while you will blow off the candles for sure…Happy birthday my dear boyfriend."

  8. "May this year comes to you with full of surprises…the first surprise is here from me…I love you sweet heart and wish to be with you for rest of your life to wish you first the birthday wish."

  9. "I wish your birthday is to be as amazing as you are! Be a king and live life king size…..happy birthday."

  10. "Let God embellish all Golden rays of the sun reaching you with loads of wishes of Success, pleasure and prosperity! Have a superb scintillating birthday and a glorious year ahead."

  11. "May your birthday get overflow with bundle joy and unconditional success!!!! Happy birthday my dear boyfriend…"

  12. "Words are insufficient today to express how I feel today. You are my dearest love, Happy Birthday my sweet and attractive boyfriend."