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Ex Boyfriend Revenge Quotes

When a relationship comes to an end, the remnants remain in each other’s heart and it's difficult to get away with them. Often, these are enough to instigate different types emotions in each of the individual, especially women and they need to gush that out in order to move on.

Some girls get themselves into an ocean of loneliness and embrace sadness, whereas the others choose the path of anger and wrath for the counterpart. They love to hurt their ex boyfriends and wish to avenge the breakup. Vengeance tops their priority list then and that often becomes the motive of their life.

Broken hearts sometimes make you vindictive and you don’t mind hurting the same person with whom you had spent such lovely moments once upon a time. That’s the weird nature of lady love-strange but true! Here are few quotes for ex boyfriend revenge for your ready reference.

  1. "You are no longer a part of my life, but you are a part of my vengeance –so be aware!"

  2. "I had the best day of my life when I ran my car over my ex boyfriend and his new “love of life”."

  3. "The best way to take revenge on your ex boyfriend is to date his best friend that too in front of his eyes."

  4. "I never be jealous when I see my ex boyfriend with his new girlfriend! Thank god my parents taught me to give away my used toys to the less fortunate’s!"

  5. "Avenge your ex boyfriend-throw a break up party, call him with his new girlfriend and kiss his best friend in the party!"

  6. "Thanks for breaking up with me and telling me that I deserve someone better."

  7. "Remain happy after he is gone! That’s the best way to make him feel awkward."

  8. "There is no need to look back at the ex-some things look good when in trash."

  9. "Have a nice Experience with your EX, when love Expires, ask him to Exit."

  10. "Do we really know each other? I don’t remember at all-I always like to forget nightmares."

  11. "I never knew life could be so beautiful WITHOUT you! thanks for showing me a new way to live"

  12. "Befriend the most handsome boy known to your ex-he will be green in jealousy."

  13. "EX boyfriends are like old pair of shoes, keep them, flaunt them and throw them away before they start hurting your foot."

  14. "I don’t even feel like saying I hate you now. Three words from my side are too much for you now."

  15. "He has proved so clearly without any doubt that he doesn’t need me anymore, and I just follow his footsteps."

  16. "You broke my heart, which was filled with so much love for you only. I wish to avenge the fact. I FORGIVE YOU for all your deeds. But you won’t be able to forgive yourself ever, for what you did to me. That’s your punishment!"