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Don't Mess With My Boyfriend Quotes

Love is a supreme feeling two hearts and unfortunately it cannot remain confined within the limits. Hence it is often seen that someone might get interested in a person who is already in a relation with a person.

Especially you will find this common in girls who sometimes like the other’s boyfriend more than her own. Things get worst when the second girl doesn’t have a boyfriend and find a love interest in the others. Just think of the other girl-what might be she feeling when she finds that her boyfriend is liked by someone else as well!

Some of them react passively and ignore the matter as long as it is within tolerable limits, whereas other gives a strong reaction and determine to go to any extent to throw the second girl out of her boyfriend’s life. Here are few quotes to depict the feeling:

  1. "Some people are so interested in second hand things that they done even spare someone’s boyfriend"

  2. "I wonder how you have got only my boyfriend in this whole world to choose for a relationship-are you that crazy about guys."

  3. "My boyfriend is mine, so better you stay away from him."

  4. "It is so easy to pounce upon someone else goods-be it a book or even a man."

  5. "I can find out that your hobby is smoking, drinking, and stealing someone else’s boyfriend-what a shame."

  6. "Why don’t you invest you time and money on finding out a better boy for yourself, instead of keeping a constant eye on my boyfriend."

  7. "When you find something worth keeping, make sure you grab it with both arms and don’t let it go. Be aware of those eyes who also feel the same."

  8. "Be it a man or a book, it is mine forever, so you better keep your eyes off from them"

  9. "My boyfriend is not like a pen on the desk, so that you pick it up and use for your own purpose."

  10. "Don’t even think of having a look even on my man, you might lose your eyesight with my thrashes."

  11. "It seems when you want someone, he might not want you. When someone wants you, it’s you who doesn’t want him. It also when you both want each other, someone has to come around to mess it up. Do you find a similarity in you and the third line?"

  12. "I might spare you if you play with my hair, I might keep quiet if you share my book, but I shall certainly not leave you and show you your grounds, if you mess with my man!"

  13. "If you cannot find a perfect match for you, why don’t you put an advertisement in the newspaper, surely there will be positive response. Don’t peep into other’s men!"

  14. "Thinking of dating my boyfriend? Well I might come along as a “surprise” which will certainly not be “pleasant” for you!"