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Cheating Boyfriend Quotes

Perhaps the worst and the most embarrassing moment in a girl’s life would be to discover the fact that her boyfriend has cheated on her. It is difficult to face and hard to believe but alas! It is “THE TRUTH”.

When you are loyal to the man but he isn’t, you feel not only like cheated but humiliated as well. He might try to give you a number of reasons for that or might simply tell you the fact that he isn’t interested in you anymore.

At this point, it is difficult to face the reality and you feel disgusted as this happened to be the man for whom you were ready to do anything on earth. When he cheats on you, he not only breaks your heart, but also shatters your trust, which might not again come back. Here are few quotes for the cheater-

  1. "How easy it is for a man to cheat on a girl, whereas for her, he was the whole world."

  2. "When a man stops paying you the same attention once he gave, beware, someone else might be having all of that."

  3. "If you have a girlfriend who loves you more than anything under the sun, you should value the feelings, and never cheat on her."

  4. "It might be easier to find a prettier face than me, but it will be difficult to find a heart that loves you more than me."

  5. "Once you were everything that I needed, now I am nothing that you need."

  6. "It is easy to cheat on someone who loves you, ‘cos when hearts are involved, brain stops thinking."

  7. "It is better to remain happy being alone, than being sad remaining with the one who cheats on you."

  8. "They say the truth when they say love is blind, deaf and dumb. I couldn’t see, listen or say that you cheated on me."

  9. "If the man whom you love hurts you, it is time to cry a river, build a bridge, and surely get over it."

  10. "The toughest thing to see is that the one you can die for, is ready to die for someone else."

  11. "It is not worth to shed tears for the only who doesn’t understand the value of the cause that makes you cry."

  12. "There is no credit in breaking someone’s trust. It simply means you were getting something which you were not worth of."

  13. "Cheating is simple, what is difficult is to remain faithful."

  14. "Today you have replaced me with someone else, tomorrow someone else might replace you just like that."

  15. "When you cheat on some who loves you so much, you have actually cheated yourself of true loyalty."

  16. "Sometimes I feel that making you stay longer in my life than you deserve was my own fault."

  17. "Break a bridge, break a house, but never break a heart filled with love, especially for you,  ‘cos God resides in it."