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Broke Up With My Boyfriend Quotes

If love is a sweet dream, then break up is the bitter reality. It is not wrong when they say that love usually starts with a sweet hug, grows with a tangy kiss and ends with salty tears.(Read : Afraid of Loving Again Quotes )

It is quite difficult to come out from the pain given by the person whom you loved so much! You feel absolutely lonely and sad, and nothing seems to excite you back again. Each time you think of the person existed in your life or look at the gifts he had given you, you feel like crying. Your mind always recollects all those sweet memories attached to him but your brain says you can’t get him back ever again.(Also refer to Breakup Quotes)

Here are few soulful quotes that are written for those people whose hearts have broken but in those remnants, the person still remains in bits and pieces. Go through them to feel alike! ( Also refer to Sad Breakup Quotes)

  1. "You were the one who brought smile to my lips; you are the one who brings tears to my eyes!"

  2. "I wish you also cry someday the way I am crying for you today."

  3. "Trying to forget the one you loved is like trying to remember the one you never knew."

  4. "It is difficult to say a Goodbye to someone you loved so much, but it is better to move on than staying with the one who doesn’t love you anymore."

  5. "Missing you is not something that hurts me, thinking of the fact I had loved you once, makes me feel bad!"

  6. "I can live my entire life with one memory of yours; you don’t need to be the entire part of my life anymore."

  7. "Sometimes it is so hard to remain in the past, I cannot even force myself to move on cos I’m still deeply madly in love with the boy who broke my heart."

  8. "I gave you smile, you returned tears, I gave you joy, you returned grief, I gave you my heart, you returned it broken."

  9. "When love is there, tears can’t be far apart!"

  10. "Now I can live without you, but I can’t stop loving you!"

  11. "If you ever wish to come back, remember, someone somewhere is waiting for you."

  12. "Love is strange, sometimes it makes you smile, and sometimes it makes you cry."

  13. "When I say I hate him a lot, it is because I loved him from the bottom of my heart."

  14. "If I have forgotten him, then why is it that his memories never fade away from my mind and brings tears to my eyes again and again?"

  15. "Its god that linked me with you, it is Him again who set us apart."

  16. "I wonder how you can break my heart, when it was this place where you wanted to reside forever."

  17. "I know it is not worth to shed tears for a guy who doesn’t love you anymore, but it is my love that makes me cry again and again!"