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Nicknames for Boyfriend

Sweetheart, Honey, and Cutie Pie are some of the nicknames that we give to our partners. They not only show our love for them but also give us the feeling of being special to them. Only we have the right to call them by these loving nicknames.

If you have a boyfriend, then you would surely want to call her by a cute nickname. Even when you are not there to address him by that name, he will think of you and long for your call. It’s a very personal thing that’s limited between you two. MyDearValentine has carefully curated some wonderful nicknames for boyfriends that can use to call your man.

Sometimes, boyfriend’s nickname could be a shorter version of his real names with a slight alteration to make it sound more personal. Another way of framing romantic nicknames for boyfriends is based on their personalities. Think of some adjectives with which you would love to describe him.

If you have been thinking on giving a nickname to your boyfriend and wondering how to make a start, we suggest you some of the best Boyfriend Nicknames. You can refer to the list given below and choose the names that appeal to you the most.

Cute Nicknames for your Boyfriend

Make every day special by using these cute nicknames for boyfriend to address your lover. One cute nickname can set his day on a positive note with an endless smile on his lips!
  1. Handsome, Hunk, and Killer Looks: These names would make any guy feel special and it gives them the reassurance about their outlook and personality. After all, everyman wants to be the best looking one for their wife and girlfriends.
  2. Superstar, Hero, and Rockstar: It goes without saying that any guy wants to feel like real star. These names would exactly make him feel so.
  3. Chief or Ace: To give an ego boost, these short sweet boyfriend nicknames would work wonders. This would not only make him feel special but also accomplished in front of you.
  4. Honey bear, Cuddly Bear, and Cuddies: Every man, no matter how tough they show themselves to be wants affection. He secretly years for the soft cuddly feeling in love. These cute love names for boyfriends would make them feel the same.
  5. Love, Honey, Cute Lover, Soul mate, My World, My Love, My life and My Beloved: Nothing can flatter him more than these romantic nicknames for boyfriends. These names are sure to melt his heart and make him feel a cherished part of your world.

Sweet nick names for Boyfriend

Apart from the above mentioned names there are few other sweet names for boyfriends that you can address your love with. Whether he is your husband, fiancé or boyfriend these names would add a zing to your bond. Have fun as you read the names below:-

  1. Adorable
  2. Angel Eyes
  3. Big Guy
  4. Bugbear
  5. Cherub
  6. Chief
  7. Cuddle Boo
  8. Cuddle Cakes
  9. Cuddly Bear
  10. Cuddly Bunny
  11. Cute Beast
  12. Elf
  13. Eye Candy
  14. Good Looking
  15. Groovy Bear
Pep up your love life by using some of these attractive and catchy Nicknames for Boyfriend.