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Top 10 Hobbies to Try with Your Boyfriend

Are you looking for a way to draw closer to your main squeeze? Whether it’s all in your imagination or if you are actually drawing farther apart, you are correct in thinking that it’s time to spend a little more time together. So often in life, we can be distracted by life’s foibles.

We can even take each other for granted from time to time. However, spending more time with your sweetheart (as in actual conversational time, not just on dates or lounging around the house) is an excellent way to become closer. Here are 10 hobbies that are very fun to try with your boyfriend.

1. Making Your Own Wine or Beer
Everyone appreciates a drink now and then, but instead of going out and buying cheap liquor, why not spend a little time falling in love with the drink before you taste it? This is the joy of making your own alcohol, whether you are a beer or wine fanatic. It’s all the more rewarding to create your own product and then sample it together. Who knows? If you both love it, maybe you can even offer some to friends later on. Your partner is the ultimate taste tester!

2. Gun Range Shooting
Not all women are afraid of guns, and when you’re firing these babies off at a supervised gun range, there is a definite rush of adrenaline. Not only will guys think it’s cool that their girlfriend is into shooting, but it may also leave you feeling empowered, thrilled and very excited. Why not do something unexpected this summer?

3. Golf
Yes golf! Believe it or not, golf is a unisex sport, especially when compared to baseball and basketball. Golf is gentle, challenging and yet very slow and moderately paced. Half the joy of a golf game is the leisurely pace, the country clubs and the beautiful scenery. Best of all, it’s an easy game to learn and is not at all intimidating to a woman, as it does not require any physical interaction with a male opponent. Golf is relaxing and challenging. Why not learn a new sport? It’s good exercise and makes for a great bonding experience!

4. Make Music Together
Yes, what’s more artistic and soul-connecting than making lovely music together? It’s great if one of you plays the piano and the other plays the guitar. However, you don’t have to be American Idol hopefuls just to connect with this hobby. You can simply grab a copy of Rock Band or Guitar Hero and virtually experience the fun. The games are easy to learn and yet challenging to master. Besides that, it lets you live a few hours as a rock star duo, playing for your millions of fans. It’s a tremendous ego boost and more than a slight turn on!

5. Have a Movie Marathon
This is a great idea for a lazy or a rainy day. Instead of just flipping around TV shows, have a movie marathon and perhaps even decorate with a few themes. Or create snacks in honor of the movie. For example, the Screaming Yoda or Wookie Juice while you watch all six Star Wars movie. Not quite your idea of fun? Then pick a bad movie and make fun of it, doing your own little Mystery Science Theater 3000 production. It makes for a fun day of not just watching the boob tube but also connecting your thoughts through conversation.

6. Have a Cooking/Baking Day
Don’t sell your guy short. There is a very good possibility he’s been dying to experiment with some recipes of his own, and explore his underdeveloped talent for cooking and baking. So make plans to surprise each other with a brand new recipe, or you can combine your efforts to make a very tasty and different sort of dish. Cooking and baking are great conversational activities and the end result, of course, is quite delicious!

7. Enjoy a Halloween Month
Why not jump into the festivities and try a Halloween theme month? You can go tour all the haunted houses in your city, or even go get your fortune read by a palm reader. Having a psychic forecast your fortune is a great means of broaching the subject of the future.

8. Go Hiking
What better way to maximize conversation, while also providing beautiful scenery, as well as nice flashes of legs and cleavage as the two of you hike the day away? Practically every city or town has a walking trail or a park. This is a low cost or even free attraction that is active and yet doesn’t feel like “work” or exercise. It’s just a great way to enjoy each other’s company.

9. Strip Sports
If you and your partner have already been intimate, then why not spice up your new sports hobby by adding strip rules? If your team wins, he strips, and if his team wins, you strip. If you’re not into sports then the kinky fun can still be enjoyed by playing cards, board games, video games or anything that tickles your fancy.

10. Collaborate on a Screenplay or on a Short Film
Why not exercise your flare for art and drama by collaborating on a screenplay, or if you’re really ambitious, a short film? You can have a day of laughs over it, or who knows, perhaps even make it all the way to the Sundance Film Festival!

In conclusion, remember that the best ideas are hobbies that the both of you can enjoy. While it is nice to do each other favors and “pretend to like” his or her favorite hobby (even though you don’t) it’s far better to find something new in common, something that the two of you can enjoy together and create new conversations about. Whether it’s taking up crafts, games or latent talents, it all makes for lots of fun. Why not give it some thought? Who knows, maybe this is what the two of you need to grow closer!