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Ways to know is He Your Friend or Boyfriend?

"Friends, lovers or nothing/ There can be only one/ Friends, lovers or nothing/ We'll never be the in-between/ So give it up" by John Mayer.

So you both have been close pals for a while now. Be it movies, coffee, or casual Saturday outings, you've share it all. Both of you share almost everything under the sun with each other, even the guy or girl you have dated. He has all the traits of a good guy friend. Then all of a sudden from nowhere, you see a change in both of you. You both don't realize it, but you've started caring about each other a little more and differently than ever. This is where you are caught up, between whether you like him as a friend or boyfriend.

All of a sudden you see that your easy going friendship acquires a new form. There are moments when you feel the budding romance. The feeling is more endearing than before. Is cupid working its way then, you question yourself. For a girl the differences between a friend and boyfriend, at times becomes difficult. A friend tends to care about you, and so does a close male friend and a boyfriend.If this is your case, then given below are few points by which you can find out whether he is your friend or boyfriend.

Is he a Friend or Boyfriend

Your common pals make obvious comments
When you hang around with your buddies, they start making sweet remarks about you and your cute guy friend. They compliment, by saying that both of you look good together and that there is an awesome compatibility you both share.

This has been true in most cases that its friends who see the first romantic spark between couples. This can make you ponder, whether your guy pal has the traits of a boyfriend.

You receive daily calls, often right before your bedtime
If you are wondering, whether he is just a friend or more, this is yet another point to help you out. You might not have noticed, but receiving regular calls from your close male friend has now become a daily affair. You people talk and time just passes by. You talk about "how was the day" and other varied topics. As the days pass by, you look forward to these conversations. When you don't get to speak to him you feel that the day isn't going right. This shows that you have fallen for your friend.

You call each other by pet names
You address each other by pet names and endearing terms. You feel good when he calls you by these names. You feel happy when he addresses you differently than others. There is a romantic sense of belonging now that you both share and feel.

Body Language
You will notice a certain change in your guy friend's gesture and body language towards you. One of the telling signs that he likes you, is that the casual pat on the back now becomes a loving nudge. You will find yourself walking for hours hand in hand in a park, talking almost about everything. These are certain affectionate love signs that you should look out for.

No more be puzzled in love. Keep these simple points in mind and you will soon find out, whether he is a friend or boyfriend.


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