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Ways to Impress Your First Boyfriend

You can never forget some finer things in life, some things that you witnessed first in life. Some memories stay in your heart forever; you can never forget your first friend, your first crush, your first boyfriend. Ah! Don't you remember the first time your eyes met his eyes, the first time he smiled and waved at you, the first time he spoke to you.

What about the first date, the first touch, and the first kiss, isn't the memories of those sweet times still fresh in your mind? First boyfriend and its memories are not only restricted to memories of sweet times, you also tend to remember those silly fights, those bantering, and those unpleasant moments. However, that is life all about, emotions of good and bad times.

Can any other than having your first boyfriend in life forever beat the delight and happiness of your living? It is the ultimate pleasure of the heart and the best dream turned to reality. Well, some lucky few ones do enjoy this bliss of having their first boyfriend as their last boyfriend.

However, some people who could not carry off with their first relationship until the last bit even tends too overcome the bitterness and relive the sweet memories of those bygone days. There are also people who hardly tend to overcome the bitterness. Whatever it is, you love him or hate him buy you can never ignore him. He was there in your heart and will always be there in your heart forever either for good reasons or bad reasons.

Impressing Your First Boyfriend

When the cupid strikes and you are blessed with the first boyfriend in your life, he becomes everything in your life. He becomes the concern of your life and your life tends to revolve around him. You are often left wondering how to impress your first boyfriend. Well, here are some tips on impressing your first love.
  1. Dress according to his choice; wear the colors and the cuts he loves to see you in. This will definitely convey the message of your love and care to him.

  2. Surprises are the best things that work while you want to leave a lasting impression in the mind of your loved one. Plan little surprises for him; shower him with tokens of love. Present him with handmade gifts like, greeting cards, homemade chocolates etc.

  3. Show interest in his life and work. Go out with his group of friends, try to get accustomed to his ways of life and be at ease whenever he is out in hi sown circle that is unknown to you.

  4. Take interest in his likes and dislikes, share your likes and dislikes with him. Spend time with him, dedicate as much as your time to him. Make him feel special and loved.

Cherish the sweet memories of those bygone days or enjoy the times of love to the fullest with your first boyfriend. Some experiences in life comes in best taste and are best experienced.


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