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Conversation Starters With Your Boyfriend

A good conversation encourages sharing – stuff about each other, day to day experiences, stuff about your feelings – and sharing is an integral part of any relationship.

Ergo, a good conversation is what makes a healthy relationship thrive and grow. And it is an art to keep a conversation interesting for both.

The key to a relationship is presenting yourself just the way you are. Chances are, your boyfriend likes you a lot already (otherwise he wouldn’t be your boyfriend, obviously!). You do not have to mould your opinion to his liking – be yourself and let him be himself too.

Differences in opinion are normal in two individuals – you two should learn to handle them in a mature manner. You know for sure that you are killing a conversation if you keep asking Yes/No kind of questions – keep room for the guy to contribute in the conversation as well. When you sign off, the conversation should sound complete and fulfilling to the both of you.

Here are some basic and generic conversation starters that would help you when you find yourself clueless to start off a discussion with your boyfriend. Remember to add your own personal touch to make them intimate before you present them to him –

  1. Would you like hiking in the mountains or relaxing by the seaside?

  2. Do you prefer an old fashioned book or an e-book?

  3. How do you like the idea of letters via snail mail?

  4. I need a boost of caffeine to start my day. How do you start yours?

  5. Do you like your potatoes fried or baked?

  6. Did you check out the new Smartphone that hit the stores?

  7. Are you in love with your gadgets?

  8. What is your favorite winter sport?

  9. Do you like spending more time indoors or outdoors?

  10. Would you please help me pick up a dress for a party I’d attend this weekend?

  11. What kind of outfit do you think would suit me best?

  12. Do you like tattoos? Which part of the body do they look best?

  13. Are you a foodie or are you very particular about your diet?

  14. Do you have a daily work out regime?

  15. Do you like white Christmas or do you hate the freezing cold?

  16. Are you comfortable with having a pet at home? Which animal would you like to have as pet?

  17. Do you ever listen to retro music?

  18. What is your favorite music group? Who’s your favorite singer or musician?

  19. Do you like to sing and/or dance?

  20. How do you like spending your vacations?

  21. What is the nicest thing you have done for someone?

  22. If you could travel to a foreign land, where would you like to go?

  23. How would you like to be marooned in an island or castle?

  24. What has been the proudest moment of your life?

  25. Have you ever met someone really famous in person?

  26. Do you enjoy wild parties?

  27. Are you brand-conscious when you buy stuff for yourself? What about when you are gifting?

  28. Did you ever break a rule in school/college?

  29. Are you spiritual?

  30. Do you believe in super-naturals?

  31. Do you enjoy watching movies? What type of movies do you like?

  32. Are you interested in politics?

  33. Do you enjoy a camping style holiday or a luxurious one?

  34. Do you like celebrating the different festivals?

  35. What was the best lie you got away with?

  36. What is your idea of a perfect romantic evening?

  37. Do you like planning things out or to take things as they come?

  38. What is your stance on addiction?

  39. I see you are enjoying hotdog for lunch – do you like street food?

  40. What are the five things that you always carry with you?

Finally, remember it is okay to run out of conversation at times – especially if the two of you spend a lot of time together, you may not always have things to say to each other. Sometimes a smile, a look at his eyes, a grip on his hands will do the trick as well. But when you are in a mood for a conversation, keep in mind that whatever you say should be relevant to the situation.

Establish a common context – this would help you to engage your boyfriend, no matter how quiet a person he may be. Try to make a connection so as to create a shared moment – a special moment that both of you would cherish. You would know you’ve mastered the art when your guy would look forward to such happy conversations with you.


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