Valentines Day Do’s and Don’ts: Things To Be Avoided On this Special Day


Are you all geared up for valentines day? But don’t you feel tired of doing the same stuff every year on this special occasion? Also, bringing roses, Jewelry, chocolates , cards etc sounds like very much cliche? In this case, one must change his perspective towards this day and try to do things differently. Now, doing things differently doesn’t mean that you have to build another Taj Mahal for your girl, you just have to make sure that you are not being repetitive and still making her feel out of the world.

Here is the list of activities that one should keep in mind on this Valentines Day

Don’t Join the bandwagon of forwarded messages: The biggest mistake one can do on valentines is sending forwarded text messages to their partners. Trust me, it can prove to be a big turn off as this way, you are making no effort to make her feel special. Instead of this, you must create a sweet text for her and express your love whole-heartedly.

Tip: Make her feel like a princess.

What? you forgot valentines day!: Well, forgetting valentines day and not wishing your lover at 12 in the night or in the morning is like a crime for all those who are in love. Nothing can be more embarrassing than your girlfriend reminding you about this day and you are standing still in front of her.

Tip: Make sure you never forget valentines day. Even if you have to set an alarm for this.

Roses are so last season: Though we all know that women love roses, but don’t you think it’s becoming quite repetitive? So on this valentine, you must avoid roses. Instead, you should try orchids, lily’s and sunflowers etc. A guy should keep a check on what his girl likes in presents.

Tip: Gifting same kind of roses again and again can be boring to the girl you love.

Showing up at restaurants: Just in case you think its cool to go for a dine out with your partner on V -day, then you are sadly mistaken. This day is not all about eating out and having fancy dinners. Go deep and think, what all is she expecting this time? May be she wants you to get committed forever or something else.

Tip: Figure out what else she wants apart from just going on a date with you.

Never Talk about Your Ex-lovers: You can never imagine how badly if can affect your love life if you start a conversation about your past love life. Make sure you leave the past where it is and start a fresh with your present. Doing this will generate more love between you two and trust factor will remain intact.

Tip: Remember, the best thing about past is, it has passed.

And what kind of gifts should be presented if you are already married..

In case you have already tied a knot with the person you love and you think celebrating this day is of no use, you must think over it again. In fact, married couples should celebrate their togetherness it with a great enthusiasm. Expressing their love time and again in different ways will work as a fuel to their relationship. Moreover, a man should never miss a chance to bring that pleasant smile on her face.

So whether you are committed or hitched, make your valentine as joyous as you can!

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