Valentine Party Ideas: Have a blast!


Every year when valentines day is round the corner, couples start looking out for the best places to party across the city. So here are some interesting suggestions for couples who wish to have a blast on valentines day:

“Theme” parties are fun: A theme party is something that everyone enjoys and loves to organize at the same time. So, decide a fun theme for your party, followed by the dress code. But make sure the theme matches the flavor of occasion. Tip: Colors and hearts are a must for this festival of love.

Indoor games: The trend of indoor games can never vanish and valentine is an apt occasion to organize some exciting game parties at your place. But make sure you have planned everything before sending out the invites to people. Tip:Think about some entertaining games that involve all the couples present at the party.

Romanticize the decoration: If you are planning the party at your house or if you have booked another venue, keep a check at the decoration. Dont forget to include colors, hearts, balloons, flowers and of course Love. Tip: Romance must be in the air.

A musical Valentine evening: A valentines party without dance and music is like food without salt. Dance is the best way for couples to express their love lyrically. Tip: Do not forget to play some romantic soft music that tunes well with the mood of occasion.

Outdoor parties are fun too: How about celebrating a poolside valentine day party? At times, outdoor parties are more enjoyable than high profile indoor parties. So, go ahead and have fun in romantic weather of the month february. Tip: Just go out and let your hair down.

Costume check: While you are sending out the invites for the valentines party, make sure that you have mentioned about attire of the day. Tip: Your guests should know what color they are wearing for the night. Red, white and pink are the best options.

Avoid being over the top: Valentines day party is a casual occasion and it should not seem like a wedding celebration. It is considered as a low key affair and should be kept in that decorum only. Tip: keep it classy and minimal.

Alcoholic V/S Non alcoholic: Well, it is up to the choice of host and the guests whether they like to keep the beverages alcoholic or not. Tip: No matter what it is, party without some fine Wine is charmless.

Plan a valentine tour: How about packing your bags and going out with all your friends to a happening place? Yes, it is as exciting as it sounds. So don’t think much and enjoy the valentine to the fullest. Tip: Explore the world with your love on this valentine, read some I Love You Poems For Your Boyfriend

The food factor: Food is the most important aspect of any party and you must select your valentine menu tastefully. Make sure you have selected the most unique cuisines this time. Tip: Don’t forget to add the pinch of love.

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