Ultimate Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day at Home


Usually, when we think about Valentine’s day, the first thing that comes to our mind is planning an outing you might have spent many valentine days at exclusive locations like five star restaurants, beaches, parties and other luxurious places. But have you ever thought of spending this day at home? If not, then give it a try this time and experience the most blissful valentine of your wife altogether.

The Fun Element

Talking about married couples, they are usually at home together every day. So where is the fun element? Well, valentines day holds a special significance in every one’s life and this day is to celebrate love. So it doesn’t matter weather you are still seeing each other or you have tied the knot already. Being at home and just the two of you can create a romantic atmosphere and re-live the memories of your courtship.

How can a married couple celebrate valentine at home?

Create an Atmosphere: While your husband is thinking of taking you for shopping or planning a dine out, you can surprise him by creating a pleasant and romantic atmosphere at home. Decorate your house with aromatic candles and switch off the lights in the night. Let him feel the aroma of your love.

Tune in to some nice music: To create a great atmosphere at home, you must gather the collection of your his favorite music. The moment he enters the house and listen to his favorite music, he will immediately get into the celebration mode. Also, some soft romantic music is something that can turn him on amazingly.

Prepare a meal that makes him drool: We know you are cooking for him from a long time and he likes almost everything you cook. But on valentines day is quite special so you can’t serve him the same stuff right? So buck up and prepare something unique for him. Be it an italian, chinese, mexican or Indian cuisine, he should feel the difference in the taste. And as they say, the way to man’s heart is through his stomach. Keep going lady!

Earn that “ you looking great today” compliment from him: May be you don’t think about dressing up perfectly everyday. But if you have decided to celebrate this day of love at home, make sure you are looking drop dead gorgeous on that day. Precisely, you should look a bit different from usual days. You can try a different makeup, a special dress or a unique piece of jewellery to allure him completely.

Go beyond his expectations: Going beyond his expectations is said in terms of gifts. Make up your mind at least a month before the D-day. While selecting gifts for him, make sure you are not being repetitive. A watch, office bag and shirt should not be on your list over and over again. Try something new which may catch his interest and leave him surprised. A wife knows the best what his husbands prefers the most in terms of everything.

Committed but not married? All set for some more fun!

Like married couples celebrate valentine’s day at home, people who are currently single but ready to mingle can have the same kind of fun. Generally, the gen-next believes in going out, having fancy dates, expensive gifts and flowers etc. However, one needs to try out different things sometimes. For a change, a girl can invite his partner over a refreshing lunch or a cozy dinner. All she needs to do is to cook a great meal for him, pamper him and create an atmosphere that he will love more than a plush dine out place.

Apart from these, there are many other options which can be planned by a wife for his man. Always remember, its not about the luxury, its about the happiness and contentment.

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