Top 10 romantic Valentine’s Day Movies

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means most of you are restless in the wild goose chase of trying to secure a reservation for maybe a candle light dinner or a romantic holiday. But given the amount of enthusiasm around this day of love, chances are that you may return empty handed. To add to the misfortune, the mercury acts all lazy and the world outside seems like an open freezer.

Well, there are a few other Valentine’s Day ideas that could save your date and would take less time and will be in your budget. If your idea of ultimate date is cuddling your partner while sharing the same blanket in a chilled evening, we’ve got you covered. When everything turns gloomy and hazy (dear fog), you can simply relax and do watch a romantic movie on Valentine’s Day with your bae. Here, we share the list of 10 of the best romantic films on Valentine’s Day.

PS: Add some oomph to your date with a nicely lit room, two small bottles of champagne, candies, and some roasting twigs for a romantic evening by the fire.

  • 50 First Dates (2004)

Set up in Hawaiian backdrop this movie portrays the eternal saga of love between Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. In 50 First Dates, after they meet, Henry Roth (Sandler) turns from a playboy to a devoted boyfriend towards Lucy —the only problem is that Lucy suffers from short-term memory. As a result, she re-lives the same day over and over. And Roth – the dedicated boyfriend – tries to woo her in a new way every day.

  • Titanic (1997)

When the ship sank, and Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) saved Rose (Kate Winslett) instead of himself, that was the most heart-touching moment. But then the movie has a lot including Jack literally stealing Rose from her rich husband-to-be and saving her from the boredom of oh-so-elite party only to take her to his party. But beware, your girl can skip a beat at the sight of blue gem that Rose withholds and later throws the damn thing into the ocean.

  • The Notebook (2004)

Based on the Nicholas Sparks’ tearjerker, The Notebook is set against the backdrop of a spectacular sunset over a lake portraying the extraordinary love between a poor countryman and a rich city girl. With separation, war and disease adding twists to the plot, the story literally grabs our hearts as the extraordinary love story of Allie and Noah unfolds right from their teenage fling to Allie’s dementia leading to memory loss and Noah’s efforts to remind her of their love.

  • Notting Hill (1999)

Starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts as the not-so-usual couple, this British romantic comedy is all about an international movie star (played by Julia) falling in love with a small town simpleton (portrayed by Hugh Grant). The life of Grant’s character changes upside down when Julia, the A-list American movie star visits his bookshop in London one day.

  • When Harry Met Sally (1989)

An unexpected encounter between two graduates transforms into a short-term friendship. But when they face each other after an interval of five years, they struggle to deal with their feelings for each other.

  • PS I Love You (2007)

My all-time favorite, this movie makes me fall in love with Gerard Butler again and again. The movie is all about the journey of Gerry’s (Gerard) grieving widow Holly (Hilary Swank) who gets sweet letters from her deceased husband that try to help her through the next phase of her life. Once a drinking, swearing and carousing widow, Holly starts her life once again while exploring herself.

  • Sixteen Candles (1984)

Samantha deals with a lot of embarrassment on her 16th birthday when her parents ignore her and the answers she wrote for a private quiz lands up in the hands of her crush Jake instead of her friend Randy. Then follows a series of chase and puzzles only to end at a happy note.

  • Enough Said (2013)

A romantic comedy, Enough Said is a story of a single mother, Eva who enjoys her profession but is worried about her daughter who is about to begin college. Further, the movie dwells on a middle aged romance when love is not just about the choices of you two, but also about how your kids will accept that special person.

  • Pretty Woman (1990)

How would you react to a love story between a hooker and a businessman? Started with just a fling, the movie takes turn when the rich entrepreneur is head over heels for the hooker and tries to bridge the gap between their individual lives.

  • Love Actually (2003)

This one movie shows the love story of not just one, but eight couples trying to sort out their relationships in different ways. Their rendezvous with love leads to realization that how complicated relationships can be.

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