Rhythm of Love: Its All About The Way You Express


Are you madly in love with someone and looking forward for some unique ways to make her feel loved? If yes, there is nothing better than poetry. It might sound boring to some but it can do wonders to your relationship and more spice in your love life. By this, it doesn’t mean you have to be extremely creative and a deep thinker. Because, if you love someone truly, you don’t have to think much before expressing your love in words.

Figure Out Your Exact Emotions For Her

If you are attracted to her: All those who are going through that golden phase of life where you are experiencing butterflies in stomach and you find her extremely attractive, you can impress her with the power of your words. Write a few heartwarming lines for her which can sweep her feat off. The best thing you can do is to pen down your real emotions for her. She will not only get surprised, but she will start loving you more.

If you are romantically involved : Seeing each other from a long time? Enjoying the lovey-dovey phase of your life? Well, you must try and impress her with your creativity. Create some romantic lines for your beloved and sent her through a handwritten note. Once she will read your love filled letters, she cannot help but to go gaga by the way you are expressing yourself. This way, you will be able to keep the romance intact in your relationship.

If love is in the air: Love is possibly the best thing that can happen to anyone. Though, there are many ways to impress a girl. You can take her out for some fine dining, exclusive lunch date, shopping or movies. But have you ever thought of doing it differently? If not, think about it now and prepare a cute naughty love letter for her. She will definitely find your expression of love interesting.

If it is your first love: Your first love is something which you can never forget and the memories of your first fling always lingers on forever. Dont you think you should make it an everlasting affair? If you want your first love to be your last, you have to do something special for her. Apart from taking her to fancy dates and presenting expensive gifts, you must show the depth of your love. Write her a sweet love notes with some romantic poetic lines, she will get hugely impressed. Just give it a try.

If you just had a breakup: In case you just had a breakup but you are heartbroken and want her to be back in your life, write some emotional meaningful lines for her. Your words should carry emotions that are real and she should feel that you are seriously involved with her.

Undoubtedly, poetry is the best way to express your emotions and your words act as a medicine to the person you love. Love seems wonderful when emoted perfectly.

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