Great Romantic Comedies to Enjoy with your Partner

Some movies make you cry, some make you laugh and some make you forget all your worries. There is something undeniable about the romantic movies that reminds us of our love-life. Nothing is better than watching a romantic movie with your partner to have some quality time together. Watching a romance-filled movie while cuddling on a cozy couch and drinking a glass of wine, you just wish that the movie never ends. These romantic comedies seem to capture the magic of love so beautifully that bring out the romance in us.


Romantic comedies bring in the ‘feel good’ factor with right mix of elements: Love, romance, humor, pleasure and happy-endings. There is plethora of romantic comedies that enchant viewers with innovative story-line and refreshing theme. Some examples are “There’s Something about Mary”, “Pretty Woman”, “50 First Dates” and so on. Some movies have been even awarded for their unique plot and entertainment value. To make the your search easier, we have listed some of the great romantic comedies in “Top 10 movies that rocked the Box Office”. These romantic comedies have grossed much more than the expected returns. This simply shows that these movies are have been appreciated greatly by viewers.


Our ‘Top 10’ categorization of romantic movies help you to cherish love memories once again. Their plots are engaging enough to light up romance and intimacy. When you are in mood to watch a good romantic film with your partner and you don’t get one, pick any from these Top 10s and bring a lovely evening together.


Like all romantic plays, romantic songs, romantic plays and romantic ballads, romantic comedies are purely emotions-based. They make you cry, make you happy, make you love your partner all the more. So, next time when you are planning to watch a good romantic comedy together, don’t forget to sneak into the list of  Romantic Love Songs.  Also you may wish to see List of Famous Romantic Movies.

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