The Glorious History Of Valentines Day


Whenever we think about valentines day, all that comes in our mind is cards, flowers, chocolates and gifts. But have you ever thought about the history of valentine’s day? From where it started and what prompted the world to celebrate this blissful day?

Let us take us a look at some interesting facts associated with valentine’s day:

Origin: Valentine’s day, the term was originated from the name of a church priest called St. Valentine. He was a roman priest who went against the wish of the emperor of that time and got married secretly. Roman emperor of 5th century did not allow man to get married. Later on, the saint was jailed and executed because of getting married.

Cards were banned: Earlier in Victorian times, presenting valentine day cards was considered as a sin and a sign of bad luck. As per the historical facts, people used to give their valentine cards to their pets.

Food facts: It is said that girls in medieval times used to eat insane food combinations to get the dreams of their future spouse. Ketchup pancakes is one of the myths they implied.

“Wearing heart on sleeve”: The phase came into existence as the time progressed. Young men and women pinned the name of their spouses on their sleeves for the whole valentine’s week. This was done as a display of love.

Blues of past: In the year 1537, the king of England Henry VII declared 14th february as an official valentine’s day. Doctors and physicians of the ancient times advised their patients to eat chocolates in case they are going through a disturbed love life. This was considered as the best remedy for broken heart.

Choosing your mate on V-day: In Europe, it was believed that birds picked their partners on valentine day. Similarly, people used to choose their partners on 14th Feb. Slowly and steadily it became a tradition.

It is also believed that many lovers used to rob the banks to buy jewellery and flowers for their spouses.
Coming back into present era, 1 billion valentine’s day cards are exchanged by the couples in love. Cards have become the symbol of love. An interesting fact about valentine’s day is that, singles can celebrate valentines day as single’s awareness day. It is also known as “SAD”. Pun Intend!

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