How to Celebrate First Valentine’s Day

LOVE! The word itself is so beautiful that the very feeling of being in love makes the world a better place. Like literally! You smile for no reason, imagination and creativity are your other names and you wish so badly to freeze the moment ‘she’ is with you.

And when you are in love, that is the time when you can actually resonate with all the fuss related to Valentine’s day.

That is the time when you can actually feel the nervousness that one has when they are traveling to the moon and make just to ensure that they surprise their partner in most extra ordinary way possible. And believe me, guys look really adorable when they are tense just because they can’t find that perfect gift for their love interest.

I remember my first Valentine’s day, when a week before, my guy was acting as if he is on some secret mission to save the word…always in some jiffy…talking in hushing tone to his friends. And when the big day came, he – the shyest guy of my college went on his knees for me in college cafeteria and sang the song he has especially composed for me. Adorable, isn’t it?

But then, in the process of planning for your first valentine’s day, you need not go gung-ho unknowingly, because I have decided to help you. Here…I have decided to open my treasure trove of ideas for you guys so as to make your first valentine’s day an unforgettable year for the rest of your life.

  • Book Of Love

You need not be a reincarnation of Shakespeare to write something for you lady. All you need to do is write anything, but from your heart. Prepare a beautiful diary with an image of both of you on the cover. Write about the first time you guys met, the moment when you felt ‘she is the one’, write about your first date, first movie, first every memory. But be careful to not mention about your first fight or the first time you noticed that she farts after eating turkey sandwich.

  • A Romantic Movie with a twist

Believe it or not, but movies do have a long lasting impact on girls, and when it comes to romantic scenes we so wish to live them in reality. Here is the plan! Invite her for a romantic movie together, for instance He’s Just Not That Into You.
Don’t decorate, just clean you room and prepare for a lot of munchies, some drinks. And just when Ben Affleck goes on one knee for Jennifer Aniston, that is the moment for you… Go one your knees and spill your heart in front of her. What else could be a better end to a movie?

  • Pottery Classes Together

Every relation needs the right hand-holding and you should know when to give space, when to hold tightly, which is exactly what it takes to mold soil into a piece of art. You guessed it right…I am taking about pottery. Take her to pottery class and create something together which you can always keep as a memento. Also, this would help you guys come closer.

  • Little Heart Sticker Everywhere

Okay, this one needs some more efforts. You have to get hold of a couple of stickers, better if they’re heart-shaped and write some Valentine’s day quotes for her. For reference, you can check my previous blog here. (add link to the quotes article).
Now, you have to place all the stickers at the places where she can easily find them, like in her phone cover, inside her locker, may be in her bag (if you have access) and let her blush every time she finds how special she is for you.

  • Karaoke

This one is really, really simple — nothing says ‘I love you’ like letting that special person you care for hear you sing, especially with a microphone. And the key here is to sing without bothering about being judged.

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