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10 Reasons Why Men Pull Away From Relationships?

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Apart from Taylor Swift’s love story, a perfect love story is a dream. There can be many ups and downs and sometime the relationship simply doesn’t work.


The statistics show that men tend to break up more than women.


Also, they are often fast in their act, i.e. they contemplate less on the topic and are less likely to carry the baggage from the past.


There can be more than one reason for men to pull away from a relationship. It always doesn’t have to do with finding a new partner, though it remains the most prevailing cause.



10 Reasons Why Men Pull Away From Relationships?

Following are 10 most common reasons why men pull away or break-up with their girlfriends:

  1. Not finding it interesting: You can stick to someone as long as you are interested in that person but beyond that it only becomes monotonous. Most people give up in a relationship because they start missing the chemistry that was once binding them together.
  2. Women don’t listen: Most men complain the same about their partners. Women simply don’t listen. So, when your guy is talking allow him to finish. It’s common in men to try to be high-handed in a relationship. So, when they are ignored by their partners their male ego is hurt.
  3. Missing space: Men hate it when women try to be together all the time. No matter what but ‘men will remain men’ and allowing them their space will only make them grateful to you.
  4. Men dominate: Men are egoists. They may like your independent spirit at the beginning but once you are in a relationship they would want you to be dependent on them.
  5. Don’t criticize: Some women are too good at finding faults in their partners. But no one is perfect. Criticizing him too often or wanting him to change will only cause tension in a relationship and may lead to a break-up. Men are too touchy towards criticism.
  6. Sexuality: Men don’t believe in platonic love. For them ‘seeing is believing’. While women are more of the emotional type, men attach more value to physical aspects. Lousy sex or drop in physical intimacy often remains the prevalent cause for a man to leave a relationship.
  7. Emotional attachment: Male feeling however isn’t limited only to physicality. But they also attach a high value to emotional attachment. They love to believe that their partner is emotionally dependent on them. But avoid over doing it since men don’t like it when you are over dependent on them.
  8. References from past: Men don’t like to be reminded about their faults. He doesn’t like the past references of his mistakes when in an argument. This can push him off the edge.
  9. Avoiding his friends: May be you don’t like his friends but avoid criticizing them in his presence. Men are too touchy about their friends and if you discard them they can also see it as your rejecting him.
  10. Keep things private: Men don’t like if women discuss everything that has happened between them with their friends and family. Men often complain that women too often discuss their romantic issues with their family and friends and also seek their suggestions to correct it.

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