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10 Creative Ways to Ask Someone to Prom

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Asking someone to the prom is big news! And let’s face it; this is a rejection that’s really going to sting. You spend your whole year—perhaps all of your high school years—working your way up to this moment.


The question is, what are you going to say to get the girl you love to say “Yes!” Chances are if you ask her point blank (with no romantic thought beforehand) she will probably say no. (Or say “Maybe” and then never get back to you) The best chance you have of winning an awesome prom date is to put some imagination into your prom proposal.


Here are 10 creative ways to ask someone to prom from a guy and girl’s point of view.


10 Creative Ways to Ask Someone to Prom
  1. Formal Invite

This one will usually only work if you already have a relationship established, or if you’re fairly sure she likes you. Order a formal invitation with fancy calligraphy stating the time and date you will pick her up. Seal the invitation in an envelope and wrap a ribbon around it. It also really helps if you rent a limo!


  1. Sidewalk Chalk

This is a risk-taking move but it’s very creative to a girl who thinks outside the box (or in this case outside the envelope). You can draw a message on the sidewalk asking her to prom (keep it short so she can read it with ease). Then, you can reiterate your invitation in person. It’s cheaper than a sky smoke message right?


  1. Use your multimedia sensibility.

Don’t just ask her face-to-face. Prepare her for the face to face invitation by first videotaping an invitation on your cell phone. Or, if you have the time you can create a slide show using Slide or Flickr and create an entire presentation on why she should accept your invitation.


  1. The old chocolate gag.

If your favorite prom date likes chocolate then use the old M & M gag. Buy a small box of M&Ms and put a written invitation into the box. Give the candy to her and surprise her with an invitation. And if it helps, explain that chocolate activates the dopamine system sending pleasure signals to the brain. Err, wait don’t say that, Sheldon. Just do the M&M gag.


  1. Teddy Bear Manipulation

This is a sneaky tactic and very unethical…but hey, it’s prom! Buy her an adorable little teddy bear in a tuxedo and attach an invitation to the little fella’s suit. If she loves stuffed animals, she will be powerless to resist this manipulative move. Because teddy bears are just soooo cute!

  1. Balloon it up.

Why be discreet when you can be theatrical and romantic? If your date loves being the center of attention then have balloons delivered to her classroom and with an invitation attached or even read aloud.


  1. Make it a puzzle.

If you or your date appreciate a good puzzle then write your message out on quality hard paper and then cut it into smaller puzzle pieces. She has to assemble the puzzle to get the message. If you really want to impress her, lead her on a mini-mystery around school and set clues everywhere, directing her attention to your locker, where you will be waiting with an invitation message (preferably written out). She’s going to feel like Catwoman or Bat-Girl but it will be worth it in the end!


  1. Spell it out with candles on her drive way.

Use this one if you already know where she lives. (Don’t try it if you have to stalk her home residence) Wait till it’s dark and she’s on her way home. Set candles on her driveway and wait for the dramatic revelation.


  1. Get your friends involved.

It doubly impresses a girl when you can coerce your friends into helping you spell out a message or conspire with you to create an awesome prom invitation. For example, an entire row of signs asking her out, held by different members of your posse.


  1. Kiss the ground she walks on.

Not literally, dude! That’s gross. Instead, make it a pun. Cut out black foot prints and put a Hershey’s kiss on each of the prints. Now make a Hershey’s trail all the way from her driveway and into her bedroom. (Assuming you have the parents’ permission!) Now when you see her, you can say you have kissed the ground she walks on!


For Guys

You mean a pretty girl actually has to ask a guy to the prom? What’s the matter with you guys? Anyway, just in case your guy is too shy or too slow to get the hint here are 10 guy ideas.


  1. Spell it out in pepperoni.

A pizza with a prom invitation! What guy can resist?


  1. Stalk him with a big old sign.

Okay, don’t take “stalk” too literally. However, if you know the path he takes home we think it would be cool to leave a big sign asking him out. What better signals does he need than that?

  1. Write it on the garage door.

Don’t actually vandalize the garage door…just decorate it with balloons, crepe paper and large cut out letters. He will be flattered and amazed at your craftsmanship.


  1. Wear a check here t-shirt.

Order a specially designed t-shirt that asks him out directly along with the option to either check “yes” or “yes.” This bold move may not work on the jocks but shy guys will be tickled pink.


  1. Design a fake parking ticket.

You can order fake parking tickets and customize the writing. Say something flattering like “You are being fined because you’re way too hot and there is a heat advisory going on!” or whatever cheesy line you can think of.


  1. Fortune cookie surprise.

How can he refuse a customized fortune cookie? Eastern wisdom is infallible.


  1. Burn a CD of romantic songs and then pop the invitation.

You can use the liner notes to write out your message.


  1. Parody his favorite movie.

Do your own little homage to Batman or The Avengers or whatever movie the guy likes and watch him blush as he watches it, and screams “Yes!” when you pop the question.


  1. Join him in his favorite online game.

Maybe this is asking a bit much…but if video games are his thing, there’s nothing hotter than a hot girl invading World of Warcraft and traveling across worlds just to pop a question.


  1. Sing it to him.

If you got the voice and the American Idol attitude then sing your affection out loud. If he likes you he will be amazed that you made the effort.


Happy prom date, boys and girls!

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