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How to Spend Some Quality Time With Each Other...

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With the hectic pace of today’s life, many couples are left wondering how to spend some quality time with each other after the week has been eaten up by work or raising the kids.


The toll this takes on a relationship is subtle but devastating, as many people end up harboring resentment or jealousy simply because they haven’t managed the calendar well.


Thankfully, there are four easy things you can do to make sure the two of you stay on the right track and build a stronger bond.


If you stick to them, you have a great chance of being one of the lucky ones to experience “happily ever after.”

How to Spend Some Quality Time With Each Other

Set a Date – and Don’t Let Anything Get in the Way

The first key to getting quality time together is to make it a priority. Sit down together and discuss the best night of the week to make everything else off limits.


For some, it’s a Sunday and for others it ends up being on a Wednesday. What you must do, though, is make an appointment that wouldn’t break for the Pope. This sort of set-in-stone mentality shows the world – and each other – who is most important. If you can’t agree on a night, make an advance plan for next week and the week after, then see if you can develop a pattern over time.


Eliminate All Distractions

If you are like the average smartphone owner, you realize the temptation to check the jingling device in your hand is often too much to resist. This is why the two of you will have to set aside everything else – put the whole world on hold – and focus on each other’s needs.


Couples with children will find it easier to do this when the kids are asleep, of course, but that time immediately becomes sacred. Anything short of a natural disaster cannot come between the two of you.


Talk About Each Other First

Most people worry that they won’t have anything to talk about once they set aside everything else, but you’ll find that’s not often the case. What you want to do, if only for a set period at the beginning of your quality time with each other, is talk about your relationship.


Make time to talk about the sore spots and come to solutions, then bring up positive attributes – stuff you appreciate with examples, if possible – before you move on to what is happening with the children or how you are handling a micromanaging boss at work. It’s almost impossible not to mention everything going on at some point, but tend the garden of your relationship at the beginning.


Wrap Up On a Good Note

Even if you have spent most of the evening focused on the challenges the two of you face, be sure to end your time together well. This can take many forms, as some couples enjoy a sweet treat and some laughs while others just embrace and enjoy the silence.


Whatever the two of you decide on, make it a ritual worth keeping. You’ll find it is much easier to relish the next “date night” if you know it comes with a happy ending.


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