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How To Save Your Relationship Before It's Too Late!

Posted on :2012-08-19 in

Don’t you feel the urge to share every tiny things of your day to each other? Do you feel silence is engulfing your relationship slowly? Do you spend the whole night without touching each other a bit?


Well, you may not accept but you two are going through a phase, which can even give birth to a never-ending pause in your relationship. If you can discover the problem, you can easily solve it out. But the more important factor to decide here is whether you even want to bridge up the gap or not.


In order to save any relationship, first you have to know what you exactly want. Given below are 10 effective ways to save your relationship for your help:

1.Communicate: Communication is the key factor, which resolve any issue, especially in a relationship. There always should have been enough leeway for healthy communication in order to bridge the gap. If you don’t have this comfort zone in your relationship, then try hard to start communicating.


How To Save Your Relationship Before It's Too Late!

2.Rediscover what took you together: The first step, you can take to save your marriage is to restart from where you started. Try to rediscover and relive the moments, which brought you together. Try going out the same places, where you used to visit during your courtship. This, if not completely, may help you a lot to recollect the old loving days.

3.Spend quality time: We often take our partners for granted amidst our daily schedule. We don’t forget to eat, sleep or work, but when it comes to spending time with each other, we feel reluctant. And this is what takes our partner miles away from us. Always try to make some exclusive time for your partner to say that you care, even amidst your busy life.

4.Take good care of yourself: This mantra is essential for women, as it is seen that most women don’t take good care of themselves properly after a certain period of time in a relationship. As a result their male partner may feel less-attracted towards them. You can blame others but first don’t let anyone to blame you.

5.Shed away your ego: All men out there please listen… if you want to save your relationship, you must keep your big ego aside. A woman needs to be pampered, adored and recognized. Don’t let your ego come between your relationships. If you expect your girl to listen to you, she might expect alike too. Isn’t it?

6.Touch without any reason: You don’t have to find a reason to touch your partner. Touches and kisses are the universal phenomenon to flaunt your love. Besides that, they also can convey your message that you still feel the same for him/her.

7.Respect the difference of opinions: Everyone has a distinct individuality. It is expected that two persons may not agree upon all issues. But in order to maintain a happy relationship, you need to respect the difference of views and opinions.

8.How about a dance lesson: You can rekindle your lost love with a close dance form. There are many dance schools which offer close dance classes for couples. This not only renews the love between them, but they also enhance the romance quotient as well.

9.Professional help: Professional help is the last option, which you can undertake in order to solve your personal issues. There are many professional counselors, who can help you.

10.Try a trial separation: If you feel that nothing is working out, then you can break up as trail to see whether there is anything left between you or not.

If you truly want to make up for the bygone time, which you have lost quarreling and accusing each other, you must feel the push from yourself. Hope these tips will help you!

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