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50 Most Romantic Things to Do With Your Girlfriend

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Everyone loves a little romance in their lives. No matter if it is your girlfriend’s birthday, your anniversary, or just because you want to make her feel special, doing something romantic is sure to make her adore you all the more. Here are the 25 most romantic things to do with your girlfriend.


  1. Hold her hand in public, put your arm around her waist, kiss her forehead, or show other signs of affection when you are out and about.

  2. Watch the sunrise or set together.

  3. Leave love notes around for her to find, such as in her glove box, in her jean pockets.


50 Most Romantic Things to Do With Your Girlfriend


  1. Light a fire, or candles, and then spend time just cuddling.

  2. Write her a romantic poem or song, and read or sing it to her.

  3. Go shopping with her, or do another traditionally non-guy activity, and be good company. You can also make mental notes of things she likes for gifts later on.
  4. Surprise her with her favorite flowers for no reason at all. Send them to her at work, or while she is out of town.

  5. Dress up for her on your next date so that she knows time with her is special. Don a suit and tie, or even a tux.

  6. Find a way to make one of her dreams come true, or support her in her pursuit of them.

  7. Give her a card that expresses your feelings for her or hand write her a long love letter that she can treasure forever.

  8. Stare at her for a while, and then tell her just how beautiful she is to you, and how lucky you are to be with her.

  9. Plan a new and exciting date that you know she will enjoy. Try to reserve time for date nights often.

  10. Give her a movie style kiss. Sweep her up in your arms, bending her below you, and kissing her with passion.

  11. Take her on a picnic, basket, blanket, treats and all.

  12. Get a picture professionally taken of the two of you. Carry it in your wallet or display it somewhere in your home.

  13. Call her just to ask about her day.

  14. Share secrets with her.

  15. Go on a daytrip without a plan, see where the day takes you and simply enjoy her company on your adventure.

  16. If you go out of town call her, send her post cards or gifts from where you are.

  17. Cook for her. Make her breakfast in bed, or an extravagant dinner.

  18. Slow dance with her, especially to her favorite song.

  19. When she is ill, make her chicken soup and rent her favorite movies.

  20. Make something for her with your own hands.

  21. Always come to her rescue, from killing that spider in her tub, to defending her honor. You’ll be her knight in shining armor.

  22. Tell her often how much you love her, adore her, and want to make her happy.
  23. Ask her to leave the household chores for you to do. You can help her take much-needed rest while you step into her shoes and realize what it is to be like a woman for a day.

  24. Take her to the place of someone whom she has not been in regular touch but misses a lot. It may be someone of her family or a friend.

  25. Gaze deep into her eyes and talk of the treasures that you could see in there. It will make her feel more beautiful.

  26. Surprise her by visiting her for an early lunch if your girlfriend stays at home all day. She will be happy you taking time off from your office to share lunch with her.

  27. Take her to the favorite restaurant or the café where you both used to hang out for hours during your initial years of relationship.

  28. Light up her bedside with candles and flowers before she enters her home and surprise her with a romantic environment right at her place.

  29. Propose to drop her office or college in your car everyday even though you may have to travel that extra mile to show that you do love her company very much.

  30. Organize a special party or a causal get-together of friends and families in honor of her presence in your life.

  31. Make a special cake or a dessert that her mother or grandmother used to prepare for her but she no longer gets to have it because of being away from home.

  32. Place touching romantic notes inside the pocket of her dress. See her face breaking into a wide, sweet smile when she finds your love note.

  33. Gift a special spa session coupon for her to help her relax her senses and to feel rejuvenated with the therapies.

  34. Wake up before her and make a cup of coffee or tea for her and keep it with a love-filled card beside her bedside.

  35. Help her in filing the important documents and papers if she is not so good at organizing her finances

  36. Go for a romantic movie that would bring back memories of the early days when you both started dating each other.

  37. Show her the place where you take only your most loved ones along, it may be a beachside, a park or lesser-known place of worship.

  38. Caress her with your hands and rub your fingers through the neck, back, feet, toes and body of your girlfriend to tingle her senses and arouse her.

  39. Take a deep, relaxing hot shower with her and indulge in a playful bath session to rekindle the romance.

  40. Send gifts without a reason or an occasion and she would be delighted to see the intensity of your love and passion for her.

  41. Ask her about her family sometimes and about their health is she is attached with them. She will be impressed to find you sensitive and so caring.

  42. Enroll in a hobby class in which she takes deep interest like dance, pottery, swimming, and painting and spend some creative moments together.

  43. Order that expensive foot-massager for her that she has long wanted to buy but could not. This will show your concern for the lady who is always on her toes.

  44. Be sensitive to her needs and demands when she places them before you and this will be enough to make her fall for you.

  45. Do not leave her alone when you find her traveling late back to her place at night.

  46. Give her a soothing massage on the back when she turns to bed after a hectic day at work.

  47. Plan a holiday to some exotic destination that has long been in her “to-travel” list.


Some of the most romantic things in life are the little things. Remember not to let your love grow stale or start to take your girl for granted. Keep the romance alive by planning small to extravagant surprises for her often. Remember to simply spend time with her, to laugh, and to tell her that you love her. Real romance is when you put your partner first and do what you can to see happiness on her face.



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