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50 Most Romantic Things to Do With Your Boyfriend

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Are you feeling in the dumps lately? Do you have an amazing boyfriend but still feel like you’re missing something? Don’t panic. This doesn’t mean that your relationship is in trouble.

It simply means that you are low on romance fumes! Yes, romance is what fires up a relationship. Without romance, relationships fizzle and sex feels empty. Maybe what the two of you need is a course on how to be romantic. Here are 25 ideas on how to cure the blues by creating some warm, romantic memories.

  1. Watch the sunset and walk at a comfortable pace for a couple of hours. Rest when you get tired and look up at the stars.
  2. Hold hands wherever the two of you go.
50 Most Romantic Things to Do With Your Boyfriend


  1. Buy each other inexpensive gifts that make you think of each other.

  2. Take a long, hot bubble bath together.

  3. Drive to the nearest beach and stay there until midnight. Then walk along the beach and view the sky while hearing the crashing waves.

  4. Have an entire conversation made up of whispers.

  5. Write poetry exclusively for each other. Read it aloud.

  6. Spend a few long minutes a day hugging each other.

  7. Think of a creative way to say “I love you.”

  8. Speak honestly to him and tell him why you love him so much.

  9. Gaze into his eyes for minutes on end. It’s a weird feeling that becomes more erotic and more intensely romantic as minutes become hours.

  10. Lay on your boyfriend’s chest and listen to his heartbeat. Let him do the same to you.

  11. Spend more time French kissing.

  12. Fall asleep in each other’s arms.

  13. Go to a club and dance together, watching each other intently as you move.

  14. Rent a cabin and let him carry you over the threshold.

  15. Draw his picture and let him draw yours.

  16. Ask him to sing for you. Then sing for him. You can both request your favorite song.

  17. Write post-it love notes for him and hide them around the house.

  18. Write fictional stories about each other. You can choose what genres it is; i.e. comedy, horror, romance or even space adventure!

  19. Tell him a secret you’ve never told anyone else.

  20. Walk with each other on a light rainy day. Don’t run, just soak up the water and hug. It’s a cool feeling and makes for a very romantic moment.

  21. Meditate in silence with her. See if the two of you can share similar thought patterns.

  22. Learn to say “I love you” in a few different languages.

  23. Spend an entire day in bed talking, sharing and pondering the questions of life.

  24. Dress up for you man and according to his tastes. You can pull out that sexy lingerie from your cupboard that you have long forgotten to wear it.. Put it on to arouse your partner

  25. Write down those three magical words –“ I love You” with your lipstick on the mirror of your dressing table and let him wake up to its sight in the morning.

  26. Tie some balloons with trees that could be seen from the window of your boyfreind’s bedroom. Let those balloons be written with love lines to make him feel special.

  27. Give your boyfriend a tight hug when he comes back from office after a long and tiring day at work.

  28. Light up scented candles near the bedside and scatter some flowers on the bed to create a romantic atmosphere.

  29. Send 25 or 30 love cards, each with a different and unique reason for loving your boyfriend on days without any special occasion. It will be a delight to see him find all the cards crammed together in his mailbox.

  30. Buy special gifts for your beloved and place them around the stuff where he can find easily like his wardrobe holder, under his pillow, coat pocket and so on.

  31. Take the day off from regular household chores or workplace duties and plan to be with him all day to do things that he likes.

  32. Call him at relaxed office hours and say something romantic and thoughtful to make up his day really special.

  33. Make a sketch of heart on your boyfriend’s body with some honey or chocolate and lick it off in a seductive style to arouse your partner.

  34. Drive out with his favorite song on in the music player of the car and with no destination in mind or no map in hand…Men will be surprised with this kind of adventure.

  35. Give a hot oil massage to your lover to soothe his nerves and offer complete relaxation and comfort to his body. A stimulating massage will lead to a long night of passion.

  36. Plan a picnic to the site of your first date to refresh the memories of the first time when you both met.

  37. List several reasons in paper pads explaining why you deeply love your boyfriend. Keep those papers in places where they can find them easily.

  38. Caress his body and rub your fingers through his toes, back, hands and arms to arouse him

  39. Watch tickets for the Formula One racing game or for the horse racing competition held in your town and go with him to enjoy his favorite sport.

  40. Men like to hear some praiseworthy words now and then. So go ahead and pay a compliment about how strong or nice you find your guy to be.

  41. Go to lovers’ lane once in a while and spend some good time observing people, reminiscing the time when you both came.

  42. Set up a fireplace outside in the backyard in cold days and bring in your quilts. Cuddle inside a single blanket and get some romantic moments.

  43. Take him home to meet your family and close friends to show him your desire to take the relationship to a whole new level.

  44. Men can act like a child sometimes and they love to be pampered. Show him his love and affection through tender ways of caring when he comes back from a bad day at office.

  45. Surprise him by calling over his friends and close people to celebrate some special occasions or his achievements at work. He will surely feel like a King.

  46. Buy a complete nightdress set and you get your boyfriend to wear the bottoms while you appear in the top and make love with him.

  47. Go for a swimming session with your partner and have some fun in the pool by tickling each other’s body.

  48. To spice up your dull day, role-play as someone else other than yourselves and act accordingly. Put on a flirtatious mode when playing this game with one another.

As you can see, it’s all about spending time with each other, but not distracting yourselves with movies, games or other ideas. It’s important to mind meld with your partner, as this is where the soul mate connection comes from. Why not try to deepen your love for your boyfriend by asking if you can try some of these things? Be careful to word your request kindly, so that it doesn’t seem like you’re pressuring him into doing anything. Romance is all round you…you just have to try to reach out and grab it!

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