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How to Write a Love Letter?

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So let us take a quick poll on how many of you in the recent times have tried to write a love letter for your beloved. Not from your internet mailbox, but a proper pen and paper love letter, sealed with love. It is true that we have become more cyber savvy now. Despite that, a love letter written on a parchment still retains its own charm.

It carries a personal touch and that's what makes it special. If you are wondering about to write an impressive love letter to your girlfriend or wife, then all you need to follow first is your heart. Beside that, here's how to write a love letter that will make your lover go all mushy in love! You sure can give it a try once.

Ideas on How to write a love letter

Use a Good quality pen and paper

We all know that first impression is the last impression. Though in matters of love it's emotions that matters, but still impressing our partners has a magic of its own. You can use a normal parchment paper, but it should be of good quality. Make sure if you are using an ink pen to write, the paper quality should be such that it does not blotch. If you want you can also use the handmade natural paper writing pads to write your love letter. Though they are slightly high priced than normal paper, but the look and feel is unparalleled.

After you have finalized on the paper, choose the color of the ink. Opt for a simple classy color ink to write on.

How to Write a Love Letter?

A tender Salutation

Begin your letter using a loving and mushy salutation like "Dear Love", or you just use the pet name by which you call him/her, for instance "To my ( pet name) ". Make the salutation very endearing yet straight forward. You can also use certain love phrases for one another. All this makes your love letter for him gripping.

Write your heart out

The best advice that one can give you for a passionate love letter is to pour your heart out on the paper. Let your partner know all that you feel about him/her and your bond. Let there be spontaneity and a romantic flow of emotions. You can also use romantic smileys to make it more personal.

Use Love poems

Short simple love poems are sweet and cute. If it's written by you then its all the more romantic. Use small cute love poems, love sayings in your love letter. It might seem slightly over the top once in a while, but nonetheless would make a make your partner feel cuddled in love. Write short romantic messages randomly on a piece of paper and share it with him/her.

Personalized Romantic Envelops

With everything getting personalized these days, we have now the personalized romantic envelops. These creative love envelops are slightly different than others. They carry cute love pictures and heart symbols. You can also personalize them and get your favorite image imprinted on it.

These are some of the basic steps on how to write a love letter to your beloved. You can also experiment with other ideas if you feel like, to make the lover letter more romantic.

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