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How to Kiss Your Boyfriend : 20 Tips

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Are you looking for tips on How to Kiss your boyfriend? Here we will discuss on the various ways you can kiss him.There are several factors which revolve around kissing. 

Kissing your Boyfriend

Your boyfriend has to be extremely comfortable while you kiss him. Your smile will make him feel good. It should be that you are forced to kiss. Remember one thing very carefully, only when you feel passionately for the guy then you should kiss him.


How to Kiss Your Boyfriend : 20 Tips

Smile while you kiss. Don’t make the situation cheesy. The experience should be such that you both get memories to cherish. Share the feelings after you kiss. The feeling that you share is very important. A good experience will tell you to repeat the action.


First, you will have to break the ice. You can place your hand on your boyfriend’s hand or on his cheek and neck. Any guy will like it if you hold his hand. While you touch him, you break the ice. Then you may proceed to be more intimate and close. Talk while you are face to face. Then you may look at his lips. He will surely come forward to kiss you. You may lean and kiss.

Remember, that don’t kiss as you just feel like to kiss. Wait for the right moment and you need to create the right ambience. You both should be alone. The kiss should happen only when you both are close enough. The intimacy just doesn’t get built up on one day.

Remember that slow and steady always wins the race. So, do not hurry to kiss him. Try to follow him. Set the right mood. It can be weekends spent together. You both may be alone. He will get the signal that you are willing to get a little close.


He will surely make the first move. Now most of your job is done. While he gets close lean a bit towards him to support his action. Close your eyes and kiss him. Even you do not stop kissing him. He should not feel that you did not like it and want to avoid him.

After you finish kissing the reaction is important. He might get angry. If he is angry, then just end the story. If he is happy and pleased, then the story has a fairy tale ending.


Tips on Kissing your Boyfriend

Here we have few tips on kissing :

  1. Breathe comfortably
  2. Have moist lips
  3. Close eyes
  4. The reaction should be appreciated
  5. After you kiss, look down
  6. Try not to speak after you kiss
  7. Never be scared as you kiss
  8. Brush your teeth before you kiss
  9. Smell good
  10. Don’t hesitate if you feel like kissing
  11. Don’t use lipstick or lip gloss as you kiss
  12. Kiss when you have the right ambience
  13. The right mood needs to be set
  14. Be comfortable as you kiss
  15. Never be nervous
  16. Be positive and optimistic
  17. Never smoke before you kiss
  18. Make sure that the situation does not become messy
  19. Remember to be alone while you kiss
  20. Remember that guys like kissing

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