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How To Flirt - 7 Best Ways To Flirt

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For some, flirting is an art and for some it is a way of life. But the main objective of flirting is to find someone compatible enough to be your soulmate and life partner.


Flirting is the only way to get started in a romantic relationship at a place like dance party or a company get together. You may even not see that person ever again who you may have flirted with. Many people are not easy with the thought of flirting, they rather get nervous.


Therefore, it is said to be an art. But this art and skill can be learnt. Some useful tips are below:

How To Flirt - 7 Best Ways To Flirt

1. Don't Expect Much:
If you want to enjoy flirting then don't get serious with it. You may have to spend very small time with that person and it may be the last time also. Don't approach anybody with the intention of dating or getting married. If you do this, you may be disappointed at last. Flirt just to have fun.


2. Don't Look Reserve Kind:
You need to look approachable. Don't make any kind of boundaries around you. Look relaxed and confident. Your body language should be such that people find you a fun loving and jolly fellow.

3. Read Other Person's Signs: To know if he or she is interested in you, if he or she is approachable, you need to read his or her body language. The signals given through the body language are the most important to begin a relationship. At the same time, body language signals should not be misread because they may lead you in uncomfortable position too.

4. Eye Contact is Imperative:
Make eye contacts but not for more than a second or two. Staring is strictly prohibited. Just throw the person a prompt gaze, smile with your eyes, and then slowly look other way. If you look back to that person and notice that he or she is also looking at you it might be an indication that he or she is interested in flirting a bit.

5. Begin a Conversation:
Find a suitable topic to begin a conversation. You can begin with something which can be replied in yes or no, for example: "Nice weather, Isn't it?". The only objective of yours is to engage him or her in talking with you, what he or she replies does not matter. If that person replies to your question in a pleasant manner, continue. If you don't get a reply or the person is indifferent or preoccupied, he or she may not be interested in flirting with you. In the beginning you needn't talk much about the personal things but about atmosphere, movies, people etc.

6. Exchange the information about each other:
If your initial conversation has begun on good note, then you may share some more things about each other in reciprocal manner. You may introduce each other by asking names and other small details. You are needed to open up gradually with each other. If you take any topic, you need to give your own supplements if you have something similar with him or her. For example, if you're talking to a girl who says she's taking painting classes, you might tell her that you are also taking painting classes, and then proceed to tell her which style excites you most.

7. Give the person utmost attention:
You need to listen and reply attentively to that person. You should be able to show that you find him or her most interesting fellow around. It is said that being a good listener is far more important than being intelligent and witty.

Beginning with these steps you may show romantic intentions to that person and if you find him or her accepting, honoring and complimenting your feelings, you can move forward. On the contrary, if you don't find that person interested you may close the deal and get a new person for the same. But you have to flirt with fun, that's the essence.

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