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How to fall in Love

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Love is a personal attachment which involves strong emotional affection. Love involves kindness and the feeling of belongingness. Everyone wants to fall in love. Love is such a feeling that it does not follow any rule. But, here we will discuss on how to fall in love. There are several ways by which you can fall in love.

Meet and know people
Apart from being romantic you will have to be smart when you want to fall in love. Avoid falling in love at the first sight. Such relationships does not become a long term relationship. Meet lots of people and be friends with them. You never know how compatible you can be with someone.


So, to check your compatibility you need to meet many people. Make friendship with them. Once you are good friends you might feel that you love that person too. Meeting and knowing people are the first step to fall in love.

How to fall in Love

Time is important
Remember that giving time to the relationship is important. Do not rush. Once you meet someone you might fall in love with that person too. When you see such chances make sure that you don’t hurry with the relationship. Meet the person often. Go out for coffee. The weekends can be spent together. Talk for long hours over the phone. This way you will understand the person well. Once you know the person, you will be able to know if you can fall in love with that person.

Understand if that person is in love
While you spend time with the person you like, understand the signals. He/she must like you too. So, read the person well. Take signals from body language. Understand if love is flowing in from the other end too. It is important that there should be the same feeling from both sides. So, follow each step of the person you like. There will be enough sweet memories if you know and understand the person well.

Understand your worth
Remember that you are worth a relationship. You may ask him/her for a date. Know that there is no harm to be the first one to call for a date. The beginning of a friendship or any kind of relationship starts with meeting and greeting. So meet the person, know the person and feel the love.

Speak about yourself
It is important that you speak about yourself to the person you love. Once you meet for few dates, be a little close. Talk about yourself. Let your partner know who you are. The things which you can let him/her know are your dreams, your wishes, your likes and your dislikes. As you share these things, the closeness increases. This way you will open yourself to the person you love. But make sure you do not let the person know all about your self. Keep the mystery on. There should be few things which the person should be eager to know about you. This way you will make yourself open to love. Once you talk about yourself you will get an idea if you are compatible with him/her.

Give and receive wholeheartedly
The very important step to fall in love is that you give love completely. Moreover you need to receive love completely too. At times, it becomes a little difficult to accept love. When you notice that you are being loved by your partner, then you should be able to receive it. On the other hand you should be able to give love too. It is very important that you love your partner. You may not say every time that you love him/her. But your gestures should show that you love your partner.

Say that you are in love
Once you are comfortable with the relation you can say that you are in love. There is nothing more important than letting the person know that you are in love. So, if you get an idea that the person likes you then you can say that you are in love. The direct way of expression is always very helpful. However note that you should not say that you are in love very early. Only when you are sure that it is the right time, then go ahead and express your self.

Protect your love
Once you feel that you are in love with someone and then it becomes your duty to protect your love. He/she should be protected from all angles. Under any circumstances you cannot laugh at your love. You may share a joke with your love. But never joke at your love. Appreciate your partner. Love and protect the love of your life. Above all you will have to respect your love.

To fall in love, know that you need to compromise at times. You should not be very rigid about your opinion. Your principles in life are important. But you need to adjust to various things while you are in love. These things will help you to be a perfect lover and a successful partner.

Believe and celebrate love
It is important to believe in love. Know that love can make wonders. Once you believe that your love is promising then you can surely achieve things as you want. It is your duty to celebrate love too. Remember that every day is a Valentines’ Day. Whenever you get a chance, celebrate love. This will make you feel special too.

Few tips to fall in love

  1. Make sure that you fall in love for the right reason.
  2. Do not play with emotions.
  3. Make everyday special with your love.
  4. Know ideas to celebrate each day with love.
  5. Make your partner feel special.
  6. Be sure that the feelings of love are true.
  7. Don’t get carried away.
  8. Be practical.
  9. Don’t be scared and afraid.
  10. The mutual respect is important.

Once you fall in love, you need to have the following qualities in you.

  • A person to fall in love with.
  • Patience.
  • Respect.
  • Healthy obsession.
  • Trust.
  • Truth.
  • Faith.
  • Willingness to give love completely.
  • Willingness to accept love.
  • Intimacy

While you fall in love, make sure that you spend enough time with the person whom you think you are in love with. You will have to spend some quality time. You can spend time with all friends along with the person you like. But it is important that you spend some time only with the love of your life. It is when you both are there without any other person; you will get to know each other well. Only when you know the person, you will be able to fall in love with him/her. The bonding in love is important. Be with the person you love and celebrate love every day.

Don’t make your self available completely while you fall in love. This will give a complete wrong impression to your partner. You will have to make few special moves as you are in love. Make few special arrangements on the birthday of your partner. You can also celebrate some other days like the day you both met. These days are very sensitive in nature. Celebration of these will give him/her an idea that you are falling in love.

The gifts that you give should be as per his/her choice. The best gift that you can give to someone you love is something that you can create. You can frame a collage of photographs and personalize them in a mug, pillow or card. Such personalized gifts add a different spark to the relationship.

For men you can give:

  • Laminate a picture which has you both and gift him.
  • The brand of perfume that he uses you can give him that too.
  • Cufflink set
  • Electric shaver
  • Men’s Wear

For women you can give:

  • A jewelry tree
  • Necklace with the name engraved
  • Activist T-shirt
  • Top picks of cosmetics
  • Diamond Key ring

Few things to do when you fall in love

  • You need make romantic gestures frequently. This will give your partner enough signals to understand that you like him/her.
  • Plan for frequent outings. You can go out for movies or plan to watch a movie together at home.
  • Plan for long drives.
  • Go for walks on a full moon night. This way you will get to spend time together and know each other well.
  • Surprise him/her. All people like surprises.

Finding your true love is easier said than done. There are different ways which are adopted to fall in love. Be honest and be open. The relationship should be easy. You need to be flexible to get the best of the relationship. Note that you have to be vulnerable too. Enjoy every moment of the relationship. Always have high hopes when you get into a relationship. Every moment needs to be enjoyed. Enjoy as you fall in love.

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