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How to End Love Relationship

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Falling in love often takes longer than what you might have thought and then doing away with a love relationship is again a big deal. Many people do not find the answer to how to end love relationship fast.


In fear of hurting each other terribly, they end up compromising with a relationship even though they are not happy or satisfied. In modern times, people hardly have enough time for each other.


Be it college graduates or working professionals, a relationship is eventually brought to an end because they fail to give each other the necessary time required for a relationship of love. This has become a primary reason of breakups in contemporary times.

How to End Love Relationship

How to breakup with your fiancé? Are you not willing to move along with a person who is not actually the one you wanted? It is time that you both decide mutually about the breakup. There are several ways to end a love relationship peacefully and without showing any type of hatred for each other. There are beautiful moments that you have spend together and today you have decided to withdraw from the love relationship with these golden moments in your life. Remember, a relationship breaks for many reasons and see that you have already determined it. Try every possible way to save the relationship, until there are no ways left out.


One of the foremost reasons for breakup is the lack of commitment from one of you, or the very fear of becoming committed for the lifetime. You or your partner might be of the idea to enjoy life and not take the responsibility of a wedlock right at this moment. A relationship always has prior signals of coming to an end. The person might begin to show disinterest in activities that you both enjoyed earlier, he/she will refuse to call up or meet, independence will top his/her charts. These are serious signs of a love relationship coming to an end that should not ignore.

Tips on how to end a love relationship


  • Be honest about your needs- See that you d not hide your needs and expectations from your partner. This will give you a chance of reviving the relationship as well. If he/she is not up to your expectations and fails to fulfill your needs, you need to tell him/her about moving on. Do not delay the breakup and increase your emotional stress.

  • Make it mutual- You both should accept the circumstances, if any of you is unwilling it means that there is still something left to decide on. Often people fear the loss of special someone and is unwilling to experience the stigma that comes with the breakup. There are friends and family who might be involved in it as well. But you need to understand that these are no reasons of living with someone whom you are not happy with.

Breaking up with your beloved can be one of the greatest emotional struggles for you and your partner. The pain however lessens when you realize that it wasn't after all a bad decision that you have taken and life needs to move on.

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