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Ways to Build a Long Lasting Relationship...

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In this age of high divorce rates, pulling off a successful partnership over years or decades seems increasingly rare.


With the rise of dating sites and social media, it seems easier than ever to meet someone, but we’re still left wondering how to build a long lasting relationship.


As things begin to progress towards the commitment you’ve been waiting for, what can you do to make sure it actually is “until death do us part?”


Stick to these six tips and you’ll have a great chance of being the couple everyone looks up to.


Begin with Respect

It seems so simple, but when the infatuation stage wears off, the single characteristic that will most define your relationship is the respect you have for each other.


Ways to Build a Long Lasting Relationship

When you both appreciate your mate without worrying about trying to institute changes, you are in a good position to create a love that can last through the ups and downs life throws at you individually and as a couple.


Take It Slow

The novelty of meeting someone new often leads people to speed through the task of laying the groundwork for a solid relationship, which means the relationship is more likely to crumble in the future.


Imagine for a minute that you are watching the construction of a skyscraper; it’s likely pouring the foundation would seem to take an inordinate amount of time. Why? Because if you don’t get it right, the whole thing could topple with the slightest gust of wind.


Find the Third Way

You are two people with different ideas on how to solve a problem. Regardless of how much alike you are and what you agree upon when you meet, understanding when to compromise is a key step in learning how to build a long lasting relationship.


This isn’t just about taking a little bit from one and a little from the other to make both of you happy. Sometimes it means talking through an idea and coming up with something altogether different. When you are able to do this, you are in a great position to overcome life’s challenges with less effort.


Support Each Other’s Dreams

Part of grafting individual lives together means you will both have to make sacrifices. This is part and parcel of any relationship, but it becomes even more exaggerated over the course of several years. It is crucial, though, that the two of you find ways to encourage each other in certain areas.


If one of you would like to be a world famous rock star, that might not work, but you may be able to play in local clubs from time to time as an outlet for your talents. This sort of “buying in” to the other’s crazy ideas is quite healthy and leads to much greater happiness for both of you.


Schedule Time Alone

As the months pass, you will find yourselves pulled in many different directions. Work will come calling and, eventually, kids will enter the picture to pitter-patter their little feet all over the relaxed existence you two had created.


No matter how busy you get, at some point every week you must spend an evening reconnecting without distractions. Without these “checkups,” problems can fester under the surface for long periods and your partnership will unravel soon thereafter.


Keep Working to Impress Your Mate

It is no secret that the heady early days of dating are hard to replicate. That feeling, for all intents and purposes, disappears after the first real fight the two of you have – but the desire to electrify your companion must remain.


Those who know how to build a long lasting relationship will continuously point to the fact that the “pursuit” of each other’s hearts begins anew every morning. Sure, it will be much different than paying for an expensive dinner or reciting some Shakespeare, yet the people who are successful know true romance is a flower that blossoms over a lifetime.


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