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How to Blow a Kiss : 4 Steps

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Kissing always doesn’t need a physical contact rather you can be really flirty by blowing a kiss to your loved one. Blowing kiss can be both classy and cute and at the same time will let your partner know about your affection.


This can also be done during the first phase of a relation when you need the time to build the romantic association without being physical.


Blowing a kiss can also help you kiss your partner discreetly during public gatherings. Now, if you want to learn the art of blowing a kiss here is a step by step guidance to help you master the art of kissing.Check out the following steps on how to blow a kiss.


How to Blow a Kiss : 4 Steps

Blowing a kiss can be really flirty. You can always develop your own style in blowing a kiss. However, following are the general steps.

Make the eye contact: You can hand kiss and still look sexy if you know how to do it. The first step towards hand kissing is to make the eye contact. Catch the attention of your partner. Look at him sexily and flutter your eyelashes. Hold his gaze and give him a coy look so that he can prepare himself to receive something unexpected.

Pucker your lips: Next pucker your lips for an air kiss or real kiss. At the same time you may bring the hand up and press it against your lips. Kiss your hand in a nice, sexy way. You can also learn the art of blowing a kiss from the celebrities who do it often. You can also practice before the mirror to perfect the art of blowing a kiss before you actually perform it. Making a mess with in the public isn’t desirable and hence don’t be a sloppy kisser.

Kiss your hand: Bring your hand close to your mouth and kiss on it gently. Then open your hand with the palm facing upward. As an alternative gesture you can also place your hand horizontally to your chin. You can develop your style according to your taste, i.e., whether you want it to look classy or flirty or cute.

Blow the kiss: Now you blow the kiss from your hand towards the direction of your loved one. During the process make sure not to break the eye contact since you definitely don’t want your loved one to look away while you blow the kiss with style.

Hand kissing will help you steal some romantic moments with your partner. This will also let you make your partner more expectant. To make it flirtier you can add a wink to it as well. Following are some additional tips to make the act of hand kissing more interesting.

  1. Relax yourself before you blow the kiss. Don’t do it if you are stressed.
  2. Don’t feel shy. Be outgoing and adventurous.
  3. Smile at your partner afterwards. Add a wink to spice up your kissing more.
  4. Dress nicely. You will not want to spoil the spirit by dressing like a pauper. This can also act as a put off for your partner.
  5. Take care of your lips. Hydrate them with lip balm. Put on lipstick and lip gloss.
  6. Develop your own style of kissing.


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