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How to Become a Ladies Man

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There isn’t much ladies’ man around. Still you may find few around. They are difficult to get. Here we will discuss about How to Become a Ladies' Man. You will get various tips on this topic too. Ladies’ Man is mostly attracted by females.


They are extremely nice towards girls and hence they are attracted by them. Let us now focus on the way to be a Ladies' Man.

Girls are not be hit
Remember that girls are delicate and they are sensitive. Situation could be that there are few girls in a group and a girl hits you. This does not mean that you will hit her back. If situation gets little critical, maintain distance. But do not hit her back.

How to Become a Ladies Man

Few Qualities of a Ladies’ Man
Let us focus on the qualities of a ladies’ man. The below mentioned traits are of a ladies’ man:

  1. Ladies’ man are genuine, they are authentic and real.
  2. They will never require anybody’s approval.
  3. They are men who will live for the moment and not depend on outcomes.
  4. They have random and spontaneous nature.
  5. They are confident people. So, they earn respect wherever they go.
  6. They create their own space and own it.
  7. They get into their comfort zone easily.
  8. They know that they are winners. They can achieve what they like.
  9. They can easily talk to any boy or girl.
  10. The issues on ego does not happen with them.
  11. They know how to respect other men who are compatible with other females.
  12. They live on the edge and enjoy it.
  13. They always speak their mind and they are not afraid of it.
  14. A ladies’ man at times will do stupid things. They don’t feel awkward for the act.
  15. He will surely not care about what other think or talk about him.
  16. Other’s influence to him will also not matter to him.
  17. They love to look at the mirror and appreciate themselves.
  18. The person whom they love the most is they themselves.
  19. They have a different lifestyle and they living life.
  20. Their eyes speak a lot.
  21. They understand the logic of attraction.
  22. They will always pay attention to ladies who talks to them.
  23. They love all women.
  24. Their goals are certain in life. They don’t set goals for other people.
  25. All ladies’ man do not let things bother them.
  26. The main characteristic of ladies’ men is that they are natural leaders.

Ladies’ men can easily win by leading in the right way. They have power to influence people a lot. As a ladies’ man you may not have to buy expensive gifts to the girls. But you have to be patient, listen to girls, and do things as they like. A ladies’ man knows what exactly to do to win a girl’s heart.

Don’t work like a dog
It is good that if you are helping a girl. You can definitely work for her. But make sure that you don’t work like a dog. Work in a limited fashion. She should not take you for granted. Take care of her things but don’t be a security guard.

Finish what you start
If you start with date with a girl, make sure that you end it too. Remember the ends need to more memorable than the beginning. You may go to Salsa classes or join any course with a girl. Even then you need to finish the course. Anything cannot be left unfinished.

Hug when required
To be a Ladies man, remember to hug only when required. Do not hug unnecessarily. This might create a problem. You will get an opportunity to hug the girl with whom you are on a date. Look for the ideal situation.

Be patient
The patience will help you to win situation. There are different situations where you will have to show that you can wait. Don’t show your eagerness.

The qualities mentioned here have to be developed by you to become a ladies’ man. Women melt easily with few characteristics of men. You need to develop those. There can be a never ending list. This article will help you to know various skills which you can develop to become a ladies’ man.

Remember that you need to be playful and flirty. Be a little more friendly with girls. The friendliness need to be a little more than others. You can poke her at times. Know how to tackle her in the best possible way. When you get a chance, lift her up gently. To be playful, you can at times invite her for arm wrestling. Know that girls are always interested in men’s game. You can play thumb war with her. Be sensitive and be challenging. Being social is a brightest quality of a ladies’ man. Look good and be inviting. This characteristic will help you a lot. Have knowledge on various things. Conversation is very important.

Paying attention to women will make you win the game. Generally women complain that men don’t listen. The most important thing which women like is attention. So listen to them carefully. This attention is required to be a successful ladies man. She will require the right importance. When you speak with her, keep the eye contact. This will surely help you. Compliment her. But give sincere compliments. Be honest. Even if you lie, she will understand. So, be honest and give her truthful compliments.

Leading a healthy life is also a way to become a better ladies’ man. Exercise regularly. You can walk few kilometers or swim a little. Drink 6 glasses of water everyday. In your diet you must eat enough fruits and vegetables. You need to be physically fit.

Make sure that you show loving gestures frequently. This will make your partner feel special. This way you will keep the love young and romantic. Plan for movies at home and cuddle in the sofa to watch the movie.

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