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Ways to Have an Email Relationship...

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The rise of technology has made the world much smaller – we can now communicate across thousands of miles with just a few keystrokes. 


This has led some couples to have an email relationship as part of their courting process, something that allows them to get to know a like-minded individual from a different part of the world and greatly expands the number of possibilities from someone just around the block to an attractive person on the other side of the world. 


Dating in this way is not without its challenges, of course, but it is becoming more and more common all the time. Considering using email as your primary means of communication? Remember these 4 tips:


Ways to Have an Email Relationship

Make Time for Messaging Every Day

Just like any other couple, the two of you will have to make keeping in touch a priority while you’re apart.  In the beginning, this might mean you set aside a few minutes once a day to send a reply to your latest message. 

As time progresses and your relationship grows, you will likely have to dedicate a bit more time each day, just as people who are married often talk on the phone once or twice during the day.


Be Wary of What You Say

The toughest part about having an email relationship is that you are unable to hear the tone of another person’s voice.  When we are able to identify the emotion behind certain words with our ears, we are better able to understand and reflect someone’s message. 

Since you will be reading you and your lover will be reading each other’s words off a screen, you must be careful when interpreting what’s said.  Everything is subject to interpretation – based on previous experiences with other people or just a bad day at the office – and you want to be clear in order to avoid angry replies.


Find Ways to Connect in Real Time

If email is your primary means of communicating, chances are pretty good the two of you are in different time zones.  In order to give your relationship a dose of reality, spend a half-hour or so online at the same time at least once a week. 

This will allow you to have a full “conversation” that has a life of its own and wanders from one subject to the next, just as you might over the phone or at a local coffee shop.  Doing this periodically gives the two of you an opportunity to see how you might interact face to face, odd as that may seem.


Meet Up

Regardless of how hard you try to avoid it, there will come a time when the two of you will feel compelled to get together.  This is an important step – and something that must be maintained – if you are going to build a lasting connection. 

Relationships are, ultimately, about sharing life together day by day.  It might not be feasible at first (and you are well served to make sure you know each other well), yet there’s no way to keep the spark alive without meeting up at some point.

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