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Give your relationship a chance: Rebuilding trust

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Why is it so difficult to rebuild trust in a relationship sometimes? When your loved one breaks your trust, you hardly can believe him/her, even if you want to.


There is always a fear that what if he/she commits the same mistake again! Be it a very trivial issue or a major reason for breaking one’s trust, none wants to be cheated once again, no matter how hard you try to re-establish the trust and comfort level.


Here are some useful tips to rebuild trust in your relationship easily and effectively.

Give your relationship a chance: Rebuilding trust

Rebuilding Trust In Relationship

Do not lie: Nothing can hurt your partner more if he/she finds out some truth about you from others! Trust is easy to achieve but easier to break. A small lie can ruin trust between you and your partner. No matter how small the issue is, try to avoid lies to your partner. If found later, it will badly damage his/her trust. Even if a harsh truth, present it like mistake and promise that you will never ever do that.

Be honest and rely on his/her honesty: Any relationship can grow the strongest, if it is based on honesty. Whatever your truth is, try to express to your partner with utmost loyalty and honesty. Most people go wrong in a relationship, when they are hide truths and rely on lies. But the fact is, if you are not honest with your partner, how can you expect honesty from him/her?

Stay away from false promises: It is said that “promises are made to be broken.” With so many instances all around, this saying has become a universal truth. If you promise anything to your girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse, you are bound to fulfill it at any cost. Well, the safest alternative is there. Do not make any commitment unless you are too sure.

Build trust with your body language: Your words will not alone rebuild the broken trust in your relationship. You also need to match your words with your body language. Make sure that whatever you say, promise, or convey, it should be coupled with the proper body language. Otherwise, it will convey a different message to your loved one. For example, if you say you care for her, let her feel it within her heart.

Do not be jealous: Jealousy is a characteristic trait, which can ruin your relationship completely. Stay away from uncontrolled jealousy in your relationship. If your partner is friendly with any of his/her co-worker, it does not mean that he/she is unfaithful to you. It all depends upon your understanding. Of course, jealousy or possessiveness is common in love, but do not let these traits take control in your relationships.

Set your expectations high for your partner: Trust is a big word in a relationship. Both of the partners have to be equally responsible for building trust and reliability. Always keep your expectations high for your partner. No matter what happens, you have to be careful not to lose hope for honesty and reliability from your partner’s side. Unless you have some grave evidence in your hand, you should respect your partner.

Discuss with your partner: Nothing can help you to solve relationship issues other than healthy discussions. First, try to be a good listener. Allow your partner to express completely what he/she wants. May be you can get new information about you and your relationship. After that, try to express your state of mind calmly. While discussing problem with your partner, you have to ensure to maintain your cool as much as possible.

Breaking trust is easy but rebuilding it again in your relation is not at all simple. You need to be honest and perceptive in the course. Try to understand your mind first. Do you want the same relationship again in your life? If yes, what are you waiting for???

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